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This post is going to feature my visual resume and paper resume!  This visual resume presentation is 55 pages long and it took me five days to put everything together.  Most everything you see in the presentation below was made by me like the maps.  It took a lot of time to make things from scratch and go through all the photos I took to make this presentation special!

The reason why I made this presentation is because I have been unemployed for 28 months and the entire East Alabama region is crumbling.  Many people here in Anniston Alabama and East Alabama can’t find jobs, and many people gave me the suggestion to make a visual resume to take my job search nationwide.  So, please enjoy my presentation!

And here is my visual resume video!  This video supplements my visual resume presentation above.  Enjoy!

And below is my paper resume.  I would be a great employee and a great asset to your place of employment!  If you know something, e-mail me at!

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