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Sunday Discussion: Worrying Times On Geek Alabama


Allright folks, this is one of those posts I wish I would never have to write.  But the time has come to write this post.  As some of you know by now, I started the Geek Alabama blog in August 2011 after I was fired from my 13th job at FedEx.  Since that time, I have taken thousands of photos, written over 1800 posts, made over 160 videos, and have gained many new friends and followers from all across the world!  By the way, thanks for following me!  But while I have searched for my 14th job in over seven years, I have tried to grow the Geek Alabama blog since many people like it.  I have some amazing future things I want to do with Geek Alabama, the only thing stopping me is money.  Yes, some of my relatives wants me to start charging everyone who I cover a large fee, just like the movie Jerry Maguire, “Show Me The Money!”

My belief is I should not charge people a large fee to take photos, videos, and do an article about them.  You never see the newspapers, radio, or TV stations doing that.  Over the last two years, I have covered hundreds of events all across Alabama and Georgia.  Often, I do these events while going hungry and being thirsty.  Trying covering an event in the Summer heat.  I do this because I am trying to conserve every cent I can.  I would rather help out other people and do it with no food and water because that’s what I like to do.  If I can’t get the help I need in my life, I would rather make sure that other people have a success!  If you have not seen my Draw My Life video, take the 20 minutes and watch the video please!

I have had many people contact me wanting me to keep Geek Alabama going.  I also have a list of people who have contacted me wanting to cover their events, business, products, or anything else!  Thank you to all of you who takes the time to contact me!  But I have to be honest, how can I continue to cover events, businesses, products, or anything else without having money?  Yes, if I had money, I would go out of my way to continue helping other people.  I would not mind paying for my own gas, car maintenance, and meals to cover things.  And you know what, this is what I would like to continue doing!

So here is a big announcement.  Until further notice, I will no longer cover any events for Geek Alabama.  I hope this is something I can lift within a few weeks, that is if someone would help me!  I have gone through several major routes to find the capital (money) I need to move the blog forward by moving to, purchasing a new computer, and camera equipment.  But every time I try something, it’s like I have fallen on deaf ears.  It’s almost like I am floating in outer space while the theme song to The Twilight Zone is playing in the background.  Who’s going to listen to me?

I can not continue to cover things for free.  Who can do that?  I put out some amazing posts here on Geek Alabama which makes many people happy.  And that’s what I like to do!  I have offers from advertisers and other sources, but I can’t do anything on since they ban outside advertisers and paid or sponsored posts.  I have tried numerous avenues to growing this blog including going through the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and trying a Indiegogo campaign.  That campaign ended at zero.

Simply, I can not continue to volunteer my time to do things.  Have you seen my overdue bills?  Yep, I am beginning to get nervous.

My bank account is also super low.  Yes, there is only $2.40 left, and the bank is about to charge another $16 in another monthly fee.  Oh joy!

And now I have got another worry.  My relatives are getting tired of paying for my rent for the last year.  And one of my relatives is wanting to buy a house, but they can’t do that because of my situation.  Along with writing this blog, I have been on a job hunt searching for my 14th job in over seven years.  I have applied for over 400 jobs and been to 14 job fairs so far across all of Alabama.  Even my relatives have tagged along and helped me fill out job applications but nothing has happened.  Believe me, sitting here at my apartment bored to death is not fun.  It’s almost like the classic game show Press Your Luck where you keep on hitting the whammy.

From Press Your Luck.

I have also had many followers contact me through e-mail or through social media showing me some ways online to find a job.  Thank you to the people who contact me, but so far, nothing has sadly worked.  And now I am starting to worry about my future living arrangements.  I am nervous that I will become homeless once again in August.  If this happens, I will be spending my 27th birthday living under a bridge or in an abandoned building on August 15th.  This would be the worst birthday present ever.

Many of you have talked to me either in person, e-mail, or through social media saying that God has a plan for you or God will bless you.  And you know, I have a tough time believing that right now.  Yes, I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, but I also believe that no one should be suffering as well.  I am sitting here at the apartment with no toilet paper, washing detergent, and a food stamps card where I can only eat one meal a day.  My stomach is growling while I write this post.  If people truly believed in God and Jesus Christ, they would give different people like the ones with disabilities a chance in life.  And people would not suffer because they are being taken advantage of.  That’s my opinion.

Let me sum it up.  I can not continue to help other people with posts about events, crowdsouring projects, products, businesses, books, etc. without me getting some help.  Some of you know that I have Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning Autism.  Yes, I am different.  But that does not stop me from doing great things.  Since I can’t hold down a job without getting fired for breaking things and messing things up.  I decided to start the Geek Alabama blog.  Hey, so far, this blog is doing wonderful!  One of my relatives said I am making excuses about my life right now.  No, I don’t believe that, if I was making excuses, I would be lazy 24/7 and be in a major depressive state.  Here’s the truth, no one has given me the real chance to prove what I can do yet.  The only opportunities have been through volunteering without pay like at TV 24 here in East Alabama.  I do agree that I need to get paid, but will it happen in East Alabama?

I have talked about how bad the East Alabama region is doing.  Gadsden is the 5th poorest city in America, Anniston is ranked 364 out of 380 metro areas for growth, and Alexander City has gone so far down hill that a reality show on History Channel called Bamazon happened.  It’s about to get to the point where I am going to have to make a tough decision about my future in East Alabama.  The entire East Alabama region is slowly dying off, many people are suffering in East Alabama.  I don’t want to disappoint the people who follow me here in East Alabama.  But if nothing happens soon, I will be forced to move to other well-off regions like Birmingham, Huntsville, or even Atlanta.  Sorry relatives, unless you never want me to work ever again, this might be the only option available.  Sometimes in life, you have to pack up, move on, and leave.  This might me something I am going to have to do.

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