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Good News Fridays: Fowler Family Celebration of Love


Anytime anyone can do something for the homeless, they have to be commended for what they do.  The homeless are people like me and you.  Sure, some homeless might have some mental issues.  But there are some homeless people who are in their situation by no choice.  Maybe they are jobless, or they were kicked out of a house, or they were just let out of jail, or any other reasons.  Not all homeless are evil people who should be avoided, we should be helping the homeless!

The Fowlers generosity was an innovative approach to a personal dilemma.  They had booked a “creme de la creme wedding venue” when their daughter, Tamara, got engaged. As anyone who has planned a fancy American wedding has already guessed, they had to put down a sizable and nonrefundable deposit.  Then Tamara cancelled the nuptials with 40 days to spare.  What The Fowlers did next was awesome!

A four-course meal was planned for the nuptial.  And no one wanted to see that food go to waste.  So The Fowlers called a local charity and asked if they could donate the food to a local charity.  Hosea Feed the Hungry didn’t believe Mrs. Fowler’s offer was legitimate.  But after she explained the situation, plans proceeded apace, and on the appointed day, 200 of Atlanta’s homeless and their families, including several children, gathered at the Villa Christina restaurant for a meal served with all the traditional flourishes.

The family contacted Hosea Feed the Hungry, an organization Tamara and her brother had volunteered for, which got the word out and brought in the guests, including many children.  A clown, face-painting, and other events kept the kids busy when they weren’t eating.  Here is a video from the Associated Press.

The Fowlers themselves aren’t done.  They called the reception the “First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love” and plan to hold a similar event next year, but they envision something even bigger.  They are looking for sponsors to help foot the bill.  Hosea CEO Elizabeth Omilami loves the idea.  I hope The Fowlers can continue to do something like this every year.  Glad there are some caring people in this world!

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