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New Day in Anniston: Mayor and City Council Sworn In


On Monday a good crowd attended the swearing-in of Mayor Vaughn Stewart and City Council members Millie Harris, Jay Jenkins, Seyram Selase, and David Reddick.  The City Council members joined Vaughn Stewart and took their oath of office in unison with Stewart’s family Bible.  The Anniston Board of Education members also took their oath of office in unison.  The Anniston High School Choir, Cobb Elementary School Choir, Anniston High School Concert Band, and special guest K.B. Solomon provided some great music at the ceremony!

What I liked at the ceremony was the One City, One Vision banner that was hanging at the ceremony.  New Mayor Vaughn Stewart has emphasized unity for Anniston and I hope that happens!  Many people in Anniston have said this is a fresh and new start for the Model City and I hope that’s true!  Enjoy the video showing the new mayor and city council being sworn in.  Also as a bonus you get to enjoy an performance from Anniston native K.B. Solomon which includes a great rendition of America the Beautiful!  Enjoy the photos and video!

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