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Supremacist Groups And Confederate Flags, Come On Anniston You Can Do Better


Oh Anniston, what is going to happen to you? I mean, the past month has not been very good for the Model City. The city had to deal with two police officers who had connections to a white-supremacist group. And last week, a city councilman had an argument with a local business owner over the confederate flag. These two stories have made national news, and with the city trying to makeover its image, stories like this keeps Anniston dead last. Let’s start with the police officers who were racists.

About a month ago, officers Wayne Brown and Josh Doggrell had to leave the police department after the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed that they belonged to the neo-Confederate League of the South, a white-supremacist group calling for “Southern independence”. The SPLC put up a video showing one of the officers actually speaking at a LOS event. And if you don’t know the League of the South, they want laws against racial intermarriage, an end to non-white immigration, expelling all ‘aliens’ (‘to include all Jews and Arabs’), and restricting the right to vote to white, landholding men over the age of 21.

They also want to engage in an American race war, and they call for the removal of the American flag because it stands for multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity. This hate group basically wants America to be all white, while all other race colors and religions other than Christianity are deported from this country, or a radical new America! The sad thing about this story is the police department has known about these officers being a part of this hate group way back in 2009, but no action was taken.

And now, one of the officers wants his job back, and is threatening to sue the city. Oh great, having a person who hates all races other than white serving in a city that is over 50% African-American, that will look good for Anniston! For a group who says that Negroes are more impulsive than whites, and they supported people like suspected terrorist Dylann Roof who killed nine black people in a South Carolina church, let’s hope that this person has no chance to be on the Anniston Police department anymore!

Now before I talk about the problems with Anniston wanting way too much power, I am afraid if a new Freedom Bus memorial is actually built out of Anniston on AL-202, that this new landmark will be vandalized over and over again. The area out there has already seen some vandalism. A sign proclaiming the new memorial has already been almost burned down to the ground, and if the actual memorial is built out there, you are going to need 24/7 security out there. No security cameras, I mean you will need an actual security person on the grounds all the time. If that does not happen, the memorial will be vandalized, no doubt about that!

And now, Anniston is about to vote on a new ordinance that will allow the city to declare properties public nuisances if they contained a pattern of criminal activity. From what I have heard from other people, the city will declare a property a nuisance if the police have come out three times to the same property. This has some people freaked out! For example, if someone next door does not like the kids playing in the yard, or the dog who is running around the yard, or they don’t like the flag that is hanging from the house, can the person next door call the police, and after three times the city can take over the property and evict the homeowners?

Councilman David Reddick went to Ford’s Barber Shop, which I thought is way outside Anniston city limits. The news stories says Reddick had a argument with the business owner about the confederate flag hanging outside, and Reddick said that the flag must be removed or else the police and fire departments wouldn’t respond to calls from the business. Yeah, it gets weird. Reddick has denied that he threatened the business owner, and the business owner held a confederate flag rally.

But this is not about the confederate flag, this is about this new ordinance that I think will threaten the future of Anniston. This new ordinance would allow the city to declare properties public nuisances for crime, or having the police called out to a property a multiple amount of times. In this day and age of some people wanting to “get back” on others because they don’t like them, this whole confederate flag thing is a good example, what is stopping the city for seizing a property and kicking people out for simple things like loud music, hanging a flag, having a dog running around in their yard, or even because the neighbor does not like the person who lives on the property.

I hope this will not lead to people losing their home or business just because some people don’t like them, and will call the police on them only because they don’t like a person. I know this personally because some people who do not like me have threatened me on social media, or have called the police on me for simply walking on the side of the road. I am afraid this new ordinance will give these hater people a way to get people they don’t like out of town, for good. Come on Anniston, I know you can be better than this! I guess Anniston wants to remain dead last in America for the overall economy, like it is right now!

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