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Vaughn Stewart for Mayor Launch Party


UPDATE:  Full text speech from the launch party is now available at the link.

On Tuesday night I went to Classic on Noble for the launch party for one of the candidates running for mayor of Anniston.  Many people turned out to hear Vaughn Stewart and guests speak about why Mr. Stewart should be the mayor of Anniston.  Vaughn Stewart threw his hat into the ring after he had a gut feeling telling him he needed to run.  In fact it was not on his bucket list to run for mayor of Anniston.

Vaughn Stewart decided to run for mayor of Anniston because he is worried for the city’s future.  He said that Anniston is traveling down a highway and they have lost their way.  And that Anniston needs to be treated with dignity and respect.  One of his most memorable quotes of the night was “Anniston needs someone to be real and honest.”  Something the city really needs!

Mr. Stewart said that Anniston is in real trouble.  Anniston has had a declining population, poverty, high crime, high dropout rate, and an uninviting business climate.  And it’s time for Anniston to turn a corner.  Another great quote that got a lot of reaction was “It’s time to remodel the model city.”  Mr. Stewart said all cities need three things; strong schools, safe streets, and steady jobs for all citizens. (still looking for work for 11 months now)

Mr. Stewart said that the school board and the city council needs to be on the same page. He also believes that the high school drop out rate parallels the high crime rate.  He also criticized the current leaders of the city for putting down the police.  He believes that the police deserves more support and respect from the city.  Everyone can agree with that.  He also wants city leaders to put their personal agendas aside.  (are you listening Ben Little)

Vaughn Stewart said that he would hold free submits focused on business, schools, and crime where all the citizens can come together and speak their mind.  He believes that Anniston can become one city that people can visit, live, and to raise kids.  And he does not tolerate the high crime rate seen in the city in the last five years.  He believes that Anniston will not attract new jobs without cleaning up the corruption and the city must change the business climate to be attractive to new and existing businesses.

Vaughn Stewart also wants the citizens of Anniston to believe again.  He wants to see Anniston to be the vibrant city it once was but it’s going to take the people working together to make that happen.  Overall Vaughn Stewart has some good plans for Anniston.  To learn more about Vaughn Stewart go to  And at the end of the launch party.  The kids from the Community Actors’ Studio Theater performed some songs.  They are very cute!  More info. at

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