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Video Roundup: Zombie, Boardroom, Head Drop


Sorry for the delay until Sunday for Video Roundup.  But here are my top 10 videos of the week and yes some of them are Halloween themed!

Diagnosing A Zombie

Now you know how to tell if that person is a zombie!

So Real It’s Scary Elevator Prank

Those folks thought the elevator floor was crashing!

Head Drop Illusion Prank

The reactions from the people are priceless!

The Boardroom in Staples

The workers in the store thought this was crazy!

Tom Hanks Slam Poem About Full House

He did a good job!

How to Grow A Moustache with Nick Offerman

This video is for the guys!

CHARLI Robot Dancing Gangnam Style

The robot can dance!

Cat Riding A Bike With A Man

That cat can really hold on!

San Diego Zoo Panda Cub

Very cute!

How to Get Kids Into Classic Music

Listen up parents!


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