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Video Roundup: BUYRAL, Princess Leia, It’s Thanksgiving


It’s time for Video Roundup:  My top 10 videos I have seen in the last week!

BUYRAL – Professional Clicking

I sure can use this for my videos!

Obama’s Victory Rap

He’s glad he won again.

Teaching Princess Leia To Be A Disney Princess

Princess Leia has some learning to do!

S**t Southern Women Say

This is very accurate!

I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy Again

This is so wrong!

Julie and the Deathly Surgeon

This is some funny stuff!

a Drawing

This person is very creative!

Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving

Most people have disliked this video.  I thought it was good!

Helpful Dog Gets Ready To Play Frisbee

This is one very well-trained dog!

Alaska Killer Whales vs. Witty Otter

I felt bad for the mama otter who was crying.

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