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Video Roundup: Snowman, Nerd Life, No Pants


It’s time for another edition of Video Roundup!  My top 10 web videos of the week!

How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

Yes, a much shorter and better version!

Top 10 Ways To Destroy A Snowman

Poor snowmen!

The NFL, A Bad Lip Reading

Those are some interesting statements!

A Journey Through Seasons

Winter looks the best!

MC Frontalot – Nerd Life

I like living a nerd life!

Rock Paper Scissors

Good job!

Adorable Baby Crashes Daddy’s Concert

What a cute video!

World’s Largest Snowball Fight

These people had a great time!

Bird Singing Dubstep

What a talented bird!

No Pants Subway Ride 2013

Is this even legal?


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