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Controversy in Winfield, AL


There is some major controversy going on in Winfield, AL that is getting lots of attention.  This group called Christian Identity Ministries is holding a three-day conference in Beaverton, AL in Lamar County.  This would not be a huge story but someone went to the neighboring towns in the middle of the night and put up these flyers.  And the flyer said only white Christians were invited.

From ABC 33/40

Reverend William Collier and Mel Lewis from Christian Identity Ministries says they will have a cross lighting ceremony and only white Christians are invited because they do not have the facilities to accommodate a lot of other people. (don’t buy it)  This group does not want any mixed raced couples or homosexual people and they got no invitations to white Jewish events and they do not care for any Muslim events.  The group feels that white Christian people are the children of Israel and the ones to the heir to the promise and they need to be gathering in these times.  Are these people on drugs or something?  The way I see things is God wants everyone treated equally and loved by everyone.  After watching the news coverage I have a feeling this group is calling themselves as another name for what they should be called.  One of the guys was wearing this belt buckle that pretty much gave away what they are; the Ku Klux Klan.

From Fox 6

They do have the right to gather and yes the FBI is aware of this event but unless any laws are broken nothing can be done.  This is only bringing up why Alabama is considered by many that have never visited the state a backwards racist state.  When I lived in Marion, AL there were some people I encountered who were racists.  They hated anyone that was not white and they really hated African-Americans.  And sadly there are older people mostly in the rural areas of Alabama who are still racists even to today.  Alabama went through a terrible time segregating colored people and it has taken lots of time to recover from that past.  And sadly there are still some people who will never want to accept that colored people deserve the same rights as white people get in America.  Mostly all younger people now accepts that people of all colors and races should be treated equally and with respect.  And maybe it would be a good thing to see these people who are racist pass away from old age.  So maybe Alabama can get rid of this very rotten past.

By the way the city of Winfield is staging their own religious event on July 4th at 8:00pm and everyone is invited no matter what their race and color is.  I am also glad that the city tore down all of those flyers and does not condones this group.  At least most people today has some common sense.

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