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The Influence of Churches in Alabama


This topic has been making me think for a while and now I want to talk about it.  It seems like some churches in Alabama like to control what everyone will do.  We hear some pastors saying “having a lottery in Alabama is bad.”  I guess the pastors of some churches enjoy seeing the citizens of Alabama going to the next state over to gamble or buy lottery tickets.  You do realize that having a lottery or having casinos is not a sin.  I have to wonder how many people who say they are against gambling in Alabama while in church on Sundays actually go to another state for the lottery during the week.

During the frenzy of high jackpots multiple people from Alabama jam the highways going to the next state over to buy lottery tickets.  This is huge tax money Alabama is losing out on because some pastors and church leaders think gambling is a sin.  Remember; some of these same folks believe closing early on Wednesday for church is okay.  And seeing people who live a different lifestyle such as being gay are a sin and must be converted or chased out of Alabama.  And some of these people think cockfighting is okay and hey; let’s take the kids!  Here is a story from Inside Edition about the cockfighting problem in Alabama.

The so-called Christians who claim that gambling is evil and a sin needs to grow up.  Alabama is losing millions of dollars a year to neighboring states because they were smart enough to find new ways to fund roads and education.  Hey since they know the people of Alabama are stupid enough to not start-up a lottery they know extra funding is always coming from Alabama citizens.  Here is what I think; Alabama needs to start a lottery!  The church leaders and pastors needs to quiet down and campaign state leaders to start-up a lottery.  Here is another video from the former radio station WABB-FM.  It shows friends going to Louisiana to buy Mega Millions tickets.

Now the latest story having some church leaders protesting something is coming out of Tuscaloosa.  The Tuscaloosa Arts Council heard complaints from several pastors and church leaders about a certain movie being shown during the Bama Art Series.  The film called Turn Me On, Dammit! has been pulled from the lineup.  The people who campaigned to pull the film say the movie has sexual content and is not in step with community standards.  I thought people in the Bible Belt were against censorship of all things in America.  But I guess not everyone is in step with that standard.  Here is the trailer for the movie.  Yes it does show two people putting up the middle finger.

This story is now making international news from the producers in Norway.  Why not; because some people in Alabama wants to keep believing we need to live in a backwards state and be 40-50 years behind other states.  I do think this is censorship and I hope Mayor Walt Maddox and the Tuscaloosa Arts Council will do the right thing and allow the movie to be shown.  People are not required to go see this movie so please quit complaining and allow the people who wants to see this movie see it.

People in Alabama needs to quit allowing pastors and church leaders to tell them what to do.  If the legislature had the guts it would start taxing churches.  Because we all know pastors do talk about politics and current topics during Sunday Service.  I do believe in God and respect people who follow religion.  But people also needs to grow up and realize our churches keep dumbing down the state of Alabama.

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