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Cartoon Controversy In Alabama


I think this cartoon has now gotten a lot of controversy down here in Alabama.  This cartoon drawn by Andy Marlette and the Pensacola News Journal is making the rounds on the internet and is getting a lot of people upset.  This cartoon is referencing the recent announcement that 400 people would lose their jobs from the Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, and the Mobile Press-Register.  And this cartoon also brings up a cruel past in Birmingham.

I think this cartoon is wrong on so many levels!  First you have just insulted all of the firefighters, police officers, and EMT’s that work all the time to protect and save lives.  First responders dedicate their lives to protect their communities.  And this cartoon went too far.  Second you just insulted all the minority groups here in Alabama.  African-Americans went through the horrible segregation crisis in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Being hosed down by Bull Conner and the Birmingham Police was wrong back then.  And this cartoon brings back those memories.  Third you have just insulted all of the newspaper workers who are about to lose their jobs.  Journalists have worked hard here in Alabama bringing the news.  And now is not the time to upset the people who are going to be out of work.

I want to see the Pensacola News Journal offer an apology for this cartoon.  And I also want to see Andy Marlette either punished by being suspended or being fired.  This cartoon crossed the line on so many levels and the newspaper made a horrible mistake by publishing this cartoon.  Media has been getting crushed by people accusing them of being bias and leaning to the left.  And this is a bad time to publish something that will make people angry.  Don’t you love Alabama!

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