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Animation Monday: Animators at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013


One major part of the Alabama Phoenix Festival is the animators!  Many animators who write comic books, books, cartoons, and more appeared at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  One local animator is Tom Briscoe.  Tom Briscoe is the cartoonist behind 99 Reasons to Hate Cats: Cartoons for Cat Lovers.  Tom Briscoe’s cartoon work has appeared in The Southern Times, Funny Times, Black & White, Birmingham Weekly, Universal UClick’s and on his own website  Tom also regularly produces editorial cartoons on local issues for the Birmingham News and

Another very popular animator is Sam Flegal.  He is an illustrator for both book covers and games, Sam specializes in painting strange scenes of epic fantasy and graphic horror.  He describes his art as “stylized realism,” portraying fantastical things in a comic book- like graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life.  Sam’s preferred medium is oil paint. Sam Flegal also uses his strange imagination to help others realize their dreams of undeath through the power of Zombie Portraits.  Like a caricature from a dark carnival, Sam takes the living and brings out their inner dead.

Other animators such as Keven Gardner, Geoffrey Gwin, Chris Fason, Betsy Brock, Kayla Davis, Michael Gordon, Andy Gray, and much more showed off their work at the festival!  Here are some pictures!  If you were looking for Allen Bellman, I am going to have another post about him on Geek Alabama!

While I am at it, one of the tracks at the Alabama Phoenix Festival features costumes.  Yes, some people take their costumes very seriously!

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