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A Quick Guide To Hosting The Best Outdoor Movie Night


A lot has changed since the coronavirus pandemic struck. There have been many restrictions aimed at taming the spread of highly infectious diseases. Even though things have started to return to the pre-pandemic days, many people are still hesitant to return to the places they used to go because of fear. Some of the most affected places are movie theaters.

But instead of worrying about visiting a movie theater, why not bring one to your home? You can invite a few of your friends and family members and host an outdoor movie night right at your home. It doesn’t sound complicated as many people think.

Below are Tips for Hosting the Best Outdoor Movie Night


1. Pick a Date

When planning to host an outdoor movie night, one of the first things to consider is the date. Choose a date and communicate it to all the people you are intending to invite. A date is important because it helps people plan.

Try to pick a date that’s convenient for most of your friends and family members. Informing people about the date early allows them to decide whether they will attend or not depending on their plans.


2. Choose the Movie

Since it is a movie night, it only makes sense to get something that will make the event not only enjoyable but also memorable. It would be a good idea to consider your guests before settling on a movie for that day.

Additionally, you should choose a movie that has brighter scenes with quiet dialogues. You can do some research on the latest and most interesting movies and choose one that resonates with your expected guests.


3. A Good Outdoor Movie Screen

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to hosting the best outdoor movie night. For people to enjoy the movie experience, you must provide a high-quality movie screen or projector.

You don’t want a screen that will make people strain their eyes trying to see pictures clearly. Besides, the screen should also be placed in a position where everyone is comfortable watching. A grommet kit will help you secure the screen to the wall for better viewing.


4. Get Powerful Speakers

Movie nights are boring when you are unable to hear the dialogues in the movie. It would be a good idea if you got high-quality outdoor speakers that match your outdoor movie screen.

The reason for this is simple; those in attendance should be able to hear the dialogues in the movies instead of the outdoor noises. But the speakers should not be too loud to cause discomfort to your neighbors.


5. Lighting

Lighting is an important factor when planning for a great outdoor movie night. If it is possible, get a professional to help with proper lighting for your movie night. The choice of your lighting should be “ambient”.

Put up lights that are bright enough to allow your guest to walk around without stumbling. At the same time, the lights should not be dark enough to prevent them from seeing the big screen.

Going for outdoor string lights or outdoor candle lanterns can offer a perfect balance between not too bright and not too dark.


6. Get Comfortable Seat Options

Considering the time that you and your friends are going to spend on an outdoor movie night, it would be best to get comfortable and relaxing seats.

Get some sofas and outdoor furniture such as lawn chairs. You can also avail sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets for those who might need them.


7. Snacks and Drinks

A movie night party cannot be complete without food and drinks. You do not want your guest to be seated watching for more than an hour without eating or drinking anything. You need to budget for light snacks and drinks. Popcorn can be great in such an environment.


Wrapping Up

Organizing a movie night at home needs proper planning and preparations irrespective of how small or big your guest list is. Your backyard is a great place to stage this kind of event. It is important to start your preparations early and send out invitations in advance. Don’t forget to create a small ice breaker session for everyone to introduce themselves.

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