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Explore Some Family Party Activity Ideas


A family party is a great way to get everyone together and celebrate any occasion, whether it’s a holiday weekend, graduation, or a birthday. Keeping everyone entertained can be tough, but with some of these ideas, you can entertain young and old at your family party. 

Throw A Garden Party

If you don’t have much room inside the house, a family party can quickly feel cramped and as though there’s not enough room for everyone. Instead of squeezing everyone into the lounge, why not host everyone in the garden in the summer?

Decorate your garden with lights, lanterns, and other pretty touches to really impress your guests and create a fun atmosphere. 

Throw a barbecue for an easy way to feed a lot of people without too much stress. Put out lots of seating for the adults to relax, eat, drink, and chat, and leave the lawn free to give the children enough space to run around and play. Lawn games are also a really good idea for a garden party.  

If you wanted to go all out, you could book some live entertainment or put up a projector for an outdoor movie screening.


Host A Games Night

If you have a smaller family and don’t have too many people to fit in, you could host everyone indoors for a game night. 

Depending on the ages and the number of people you will be hosting, choose a few board games or ask everyone to bring a game with them. Look for recommendations from board game experts like Dan Yarrington to find something suitable. You could play classic party games like Pictionary, or have a video game night if you’re more into consoles than board games.  You can also get Dart For Sale from the market and enjoy the game with your friends and family.

Serve drinks and snacks, and a game night makes for a fun, relaxed evening with your family. A night like this is less stressful to host, but will still be a fun way to be together. 


Pack A Picnic

If you don’t have that much room at home or in the garden for hosting the whole family, you could go out somewhere instead. Pack a picnic, or ask all the attendees to bring a dish for a potluck, and go to a local outdoor space, like a park. 

Like hosting a garden party, this has the advantage of offering plenty of room for everyone to spread out, sit in different smaller groups if they prefer to, and for children to play without getting in the way of the adults.

Mix up some fun summer drinks, and pack plenty of food. Salads, pasta dishes, and snacks all make good picnic food that are easy to transport and will please a crowd. 

Take some outdoor games out with you, or the equipment for some sports. A football, or a tennis ball and some baseball bats could work well for an outdoor family gathering. Like the garden party, look at some lawn games, like outdoor chess, to keep everybody entertained after the food has been finished. 

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