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How To Write Your Way To Happiness In As Little As 10 Minutes A Day


Finding happiness is like finding a needle in a haystack. Our emotions play around with us ad we get confused about the things that make us happy. We often think that when we reach a goal or acquire something of envy, then we will be happy. But happiness relies on more than just getting what we want all the time.

It has a much deeper sustainable root that we need to discover. It is different for everyone, so copying someone else will not necessarily produce happiness. Writing, on the other hand, can reveal that which makes you happy and here is how.


A different kind of meditation

Although not many people know this, writing has been a form of mediation for centuries. Some of the greatest minds of history knew how important a deliberate sit down with pen and paper was for clarity of mind. Meditation is on the lips of everyone nowadays, and with technology integration, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of meditation. There are several apps out there that guide newbies in the art of mediation and help them achieve clarity of mind much faster.

Would it not be great if we could all lounge around like the best cat breeds in the world? To be able to live at peace without a care in the world seems almost too good to be true. Although it seems impossible to achieve that kind of peace, it is not. It all starts with decluttering your mind, taking out everything toxic and making room for the things that will change your life.


How writing clears your mind

According to a mental health writer for a research assignment help, anyone who has ever seen the Harry Potter movies will remember the scene where Professor Dumbledore pulled memory out of his ear with his wand. The memory floated onto a reflective pool, and the professor could inspect it more clearly. Writing does the same thing for us, albeit without the cool computer special effects.

When you sit down and pen your thoughts to paper, it allows your mind to be occupied with something else. It frees up some space for you to think about other things or to put things into perspective. As you write, you slowly put together a very complicated and intricate puzzle which is your thought life.

When your thoughts are only in your mind, they constantly get interrupted with other stimuli, and sometimes irrational connections are made. When they are written down on paper, your thoughts slow down, and you can have a more objective view of what is going on in your mind.


What should you write about?

As mentioned in essay writing service, as with any new skill, it takes some time to improve and get better at it. Just because you have known how to write for years, knowing what to write is a different story altogether. In the beginning, it might seem difficult and somewhat frustrating, but you will soon find that it becomes much easier, and 10 minutes will not be enough.

A simple starting point would be to engage your stream of consciousness and write down everything that comes to mind. The stream of consciousness is essentially every thought that pops up in your mind. The beauty of writing down your stream of consciousness is that you can physically see how muddled your thoughts are.

Before you can even write one idea down, another thought moves in and disrupts what you are busy writing down. It is easy to see that the majority of what you write down at first will be a bunch of gobbledygook, but as you continue writing, your mind starts to focus, and you can complete entire thoughts before moving on to the next.


Extracting the gold from the ore

When you have written down your thoughts for a couple of days, you can start reading through it all and look for things that are repeated. This is like a therapy session on its own, and you will start to see where you spend most of your thoughts.

Once you have a couple of main points highlighted, it is time to start focusing on those points and writing about them. What you choose to write about now becomes much more focused and intentional. Now you can decide to solve problems, create lists of the important things in your life and how you are going to make them priorities.

Ultimately, you can choose how you spend the rest of the writing time. The point is to keep on writing and to ensure that this 10 minutes or so becomes a staple to the start or end of your day.


Preparing the right environment

Now that you know what to write about and how to start, we also need to have a look at the environment in which you attempt this new endeavor.

Your writing time is limited, so you need to have all your tools ready. Your journal, paper, pencil, or pen should be on your desk, ready when you are. This is not an exercise for a laptop where you type your thoughts. There are too many distractions and temptations to open up emails and scroll through newsfeeds when you try this on a laptop. It would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

The room and surface that you write on should also be free from clutter and other distractions. If it is at all possible, you need to do this in the quietest place in your home where there is the least chance of a phone ringing or other interruptions. That being said, you also need to choose a time when you are least likely to be interrupted and when the house is calm and quiet.

Before you sit down to write, you need to have a plan or an intention of what you want to achieve during your meditation session. The more focussed you go into a session, the more productive it will be.

Lastly, there are no rules about how you write. There are no grammar rules, styles to adhere to or register to write in. This is all you, and it is free. You can even doodle if that is your style. The experience should be calming.



You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on therapy and self-help courses to be happy. All you need to do is to sit down and slow down. Writing is the best alternative if you find normal or more traditional forms of meditation too boring or hard to do. Before you know it, you will be as happy as a clam.


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