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Nickelodeon Is Making My Inner Child Happy By Bringing Back Double Dare


I can’t believe it!  Nickelodeon is bringing back Double Dare!  When I was a younger kid, I remember getting up early and watching Marc Summers host Double Dare, and then Family Double Dare on the network.  I loved learning some new facts, seeing the contestants do a physical challenge, and then see the contestants run the crazy and messy obstacle course.  In fact, Nick uploaded a classic full episode of Double Dare on YouTube!

From Deadline, Nick says the new version will feature the gameplay and challenges its original millennial audiences remember from the show, as well as appearances from blasts from the past and stars from today.  It’s been a while since a version of Double Dare was on TV, back when Double Dare 2000 was on TV.

But I am stoked!  We will get 40 episodes of new Double Dare this Summer!  Write up those new questions, create some new and bring back classic wacky physical challenges, and I would love to see people pick a nose for a flag on the obstacle course!  Yes, I can’t wait.  No word yet on who will host or when Double Dare will premiere.

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