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5 Things To Consider Before Your Teen Starts Driving


Your teen is about to take the wheel and start driving. Congratulations! You are probably feeling a mix of emotions, like excitement for your new driver and some anxiety about what this means for you. Before they start driving, there are many things to consider that will help them be prepared on their first day behind the wheel. Below are some.

Frequency of driving

One of the first things to consider is the frequency of driving. If you have a teen who wants to drive around your neighborhood, that’s great. Not only is it more convenient for them, but it also reduces their risk of having a car accident. Still, if they are involved in a car accident, do not hesitate to look for a car accident attorney.

However, if your teen is looking forward to going out with friends on the weekends and staying well past their curfew, you should consider limiting how often they can drive.

Driving frequency is a significant factor when it comes to risk for car accidents and death, so be sure to keep your teen’s safety in mind when thinking about how much time they will spend behind the wheel.



Your teen must learn and understand all road rules, not just what they have to do when behind the wheel. It may be a good idea for you to help them write down all of the rules to reference before leaving any time they will be driving.

In addition, teens should have a parent or other guardian with them whenever they start learning about the road rules since teens are at a higher risk of getting into a car accident than older drivers.



When your child is ready to start driving, one of the trickiest things to think about is whether your family can afford car insurance. Unfortunately, most teens do not qualify for insurance independently, and parents often have to jump through hoops to get their rates down.

This might mean helping them pay some extra money each month or adding them to an existing auto insurance plan, but either way, it has to be done. Insurance is the only way to help protect your teen from driving accidents and other damages if they are ever in a car accident, so make sure that you find a good company with reasonable rates.


Car Situation

Before your teen starts driving, one of the first things they should do is look at the car to make sure it can be driven. If there are any issues with the mechanical parts or tires that need to be fixed, you will want them to address those issues right away so that they don’t become driving hazards.

If your teen is driving an old car that has seen better days, then they might run into some problems on the road. This is because many teens are not experienced at maintaining their vehicles and may find themselves in a situation where they need to stop driving due to car trouble or other issues.

You or your teen needs to watch the car’s indicators to ensure that it is in good driving condition. When fixing the vehicle, they should consult with an experienced mechanic or do their research to help avoid potentially costly repairs that could be dangerous if not fixed immediately.

If you’re worried about your teen keeping up with car maintenance, then consider buying them a new car. Not only will this help them start on the right foot, but it might also be a better option for your teen when compared to an older model vehicle that may have issues along the way.


Hours of Driving

Before your teen gets their driver’s license, it is essential that you set the maximum number of hours they are allowed to drive. This can be stressful at times, and your teen may try to find ways around the rules. One way around this is by simply changing the time when your teen can start driving and when they have to stop.

Teens should also be aware that once they get their license, they may need to maintain a certain number of hours, and it is essential for everyone’s safety that your teen doesn’t drive over the legal limit. Driving too much can lead to accidents and other issues, so make sure your teen knows when enough is enough and insists on taking breaks when they are tired.

The decision to allow your teen driver to get behind the wheel is a big one. It’s essential that you take the time and do it right, so both of you can enjoy this new stage in life without worry.

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