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Celebrate My Drive Voting Ends On Saturday


This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week.  This week is important to focus on safe driving because car accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers across the U.S.  To raise awareness of the issue, State Farm is running a nationwide campaign called Celebrate My Drive.  State Farm is wanting teenagers from ages 14 to 18 to sign an online commitment to commit to safe driving and no texting while driving.

To celebrate this, State Farm is going to donate a lot of money to schools across the country!  For every commitment made by a student at a high school, that high school gets one step closer to winning a grant or even a Kelly Clarkson concert!  The contest works like this, all participating high schools are separated into small high schools (less than 750 students) and large high schools (more than 750 students).  When voting closes this weekend.  The top large and small high school commitments will win a special Kelly Clarkson concert!  After that, the top 5 small and top 5 large high schools will win a $100,000 grant.  After that, the top 45 small and top 45 large high schools will win a $25,000 grant!

Driving safe is very important!  And I hope all teenagers make a commitment to sign this safe driving pledge.  To learn more and to sign the commitment, go to:  Hurry, the commitment period ends on Saturday October 26th at 11:59 pm central!  Follow them on Facebook at:

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