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Ann Welch For Mayor Launch Party


On Thursday night I went to Classic on Noble again for the launch party of mayor candidate Ann Welch.  The crowd was good and everyone had a good time!  Ann Welch thanked everyone for coming out to the launch party.  She said that the people of Anniston has enough love and ideas to help bring the city back.

Like the boards for people to stick on ideas for Anniston.

A performer did a very good performance of God Bless America.  She really did show emotion in the performance!

Ann Welch started by telling the people it’s not about me tonight; it’s about you!  She acknowledged that things have changed in Anniston.  Fort McClellan has closed and the city has lost sight on growth.  Anniston needs to focus on growth once again.  Plus “Anniston needs to be innovative and brave.”  The best quote of the night.

Ms. Welch said we have a little window to save the city.  And that has gotten everyone’s attention.  Anniston needs more jobs to help grow the economy.  And the people of Anniston needs to support the city schools and all city departments including the police and fire departments.

Ann Welch talked about the role of leadership is to inventory assets and promote assets.  And she said that “the people are the best assets.”  She told everyone to take action and get on board to help change the city.  Then she talked about how 50-60% of the city’s citizens are wanting to find one page to write together.  Then to get on it to help change the city.  Then she said everyone has an opportunity to succeed.  “Vote, be positive, offer help, and say yes!”  Everyone can agree with that!  At the end of the night Ann Welch’s family came together.

To learn more about Ann Welch.  Go to

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