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Deciding on your perfect career is something that requires plenty of thought. People spend many of their waking hours and many years of their life at work, so it makes sense to take your time to find a career you love. While the primary reason people work is to earn money, there is no doubt that your choice of employment has a significant influence on the rest of your life. In addition, your job can play a vital role in your identity and how you view yourself, and others view you. 

For some, their career is a calling, and they would never imagine doing anything else. But, for other people narrowing down their options and deciding on their ideal job is more of a challenge. 

If you are struggling to decide on the type of role you would like to pursue, you may want to start by thinking about what you enjoy doing, the kind of work environment you prefer, and the times you choose to work. Thinking about your values is also essential, as you are more likely to achieve greater job satisfaction if your role aligns with your values. If you are someone that seeks meaning in their life and enjoys helping others, you may like to consider working in one of these industries:



If caring for others and working in a role that makes an immediate difference to other people’s lives matters to you, then a healthcare career could be ideal. The healthcare industry is the single largest employer in the United States. More than 20 million U.S. workers are employed in the healthcare and social assistance industry, as this is an industry that is always in demand. People will always need healthcare, so there will always be a need for workers to provide this.

If getting hands-on and working as a clinical healthcare worker is not for you, you may want to consider one of the many non-clinical roles available in the industry. Non-clinical roles also play a significant part in delivering high-quality healthcare, so this may be a viable alternative for you to consider. Career progression in the healthcare industry is generally good, with many clear pathways available to advance your prospects. If you plan to work in a non-clinical role, you could consider studying for an online mha to increase your qualifications and give your career an extra boost.


4 Education

Everyone remembers their teachers from school, as they play such a critical role in your formative years. Having a great teacher can set you on the path to a successful life and inspire you to achieve great things. But, having a teacher you disliked can have the opposite effect, put you off further studies, and leave you with a negative opinion of your time at school. So, if you want to make sure that more kids have positive experiences at school and gain the most benefits possible from their education, you may want to become a teacher. 

Working in the education sector can be an incredibly rewarding job and help you make a positive difference to the lives of pupils you teach.

One of the great things about working in education is that there are many roles to choose from. For example, you could work as a teacher, an administrator, a nurse, a librarian, or offer pastoral support to students, all of which are important roles that make a major difference to the lives of the pupils at the school.

If you decide you want to work as a teacher, you can choose to specialize in a specific subject. This means that becoming a school teacher allows you to work to your strengths and teach your favorite topics. In addition, sharing your passion for your subject with your pupils is an excellent way to inspire them and build their enthusiasm for learning.


Animal Care and Welfare

Protecting the needs of animals is vital as they cannot speak for themselves. If you love animals, you could consider working in a role that enables you to channel your love of animals into doing plenty of good. Working with animals can be a gratifying career, and there are many different roles that you can choose from. For example, there is potential to train as a veterinarian and take care of the medical needs of animals. Alternatively, you could work for a charity that looks after animals, such as a cat or dog shelter. Working for an animal shelter can be incredibly satisfying as you play a crucial role in helping to match animals with potential new owners to enjoy a fresh start in their forever homes.

If you enjoy being out in the open air, you may want a role working in a setting that involves the care of wildlife. For example, working in a national park or similar outdoor space to monitor and protect the natural habitats of wildlife could be the perfect job if you like to be immersed in nature. You may also want to pursue the opportunity to become involved in animal conservation and play a crucial role in protecting endangered and at-risk species of animals.



There are so many good causes out there, all needing plenty of support to help them succeed in their mission. Charities perform such a vital role in taking care of the needs of others, and working for a charity will enable you to play your part and help out. If you have a cause that you are especially passionate about, working for a charity that supports this could be the perfect opportunity for you to align your work life with your values. 

If you like to put your heart and soul into everything you do, choosing a charity sector role will enable you to do this. Knowing that you are performing a job that is making a difference in people’s lives every day is an excellent way to achieve job satisfaction and to gain a sense of purpose every time you go to work.

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