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This Is Birmingham’s Most Defining Career Skill


Birmingham, it’s home to a wide variety of careers!  But, what is the city’s most defining skill?  Is it banking, nope!  Is it healthcare, nope!  Believe it or not, Birmingham’s most defining skill is, law!  That’s right, you will find more people holding down careers in criminal law than any other career field in Birmingham.  I guess with all of the corruption and wrongdoings inside government in Alabama, the area needs a lot of lawyers.  Birmingham also has skills in banking, theology, and power generation.

So, how was this determined?  LinkedIn took skills and location data information from their 175 million members, and they built a map highlighting the top skills you will find in the major metro areas in America.  The other Alabama city highlighted in this map is Mobile.  The top skill is Workplace Safety.  Other top skills are criminal law, drilling, and emergency response.

In Atlanta, the top skill is sales.  You also find business development, management, and IT infrastructure.

If you are job hunting, or just like tracking trends, you can find the top skills in major metro areas by going to:

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