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5 Affordable Ways To Combat Hair Loss


Hair loss presents as loss of hair thickness and volume. Both men and women experience hair loss gradually over the years, leading to baldness, either partial or complete. Hair loss can diminish your self-esteem, forcing you to look for hair loss treatment solutions. Some solutions can make you spend a lot of money and still fail to treat your hair loss. However, these five affordable ways ensure you see an improvement in your hair loss in no time:

1. Essential oils

The easiest and most affordable way to combat hair loss is by using some essential oils found in your home. These are plant-derived oils with a wide range of benefits, from treating acne to improving hair growth. One essential oil reported to be beneficial to people experiencing hair loss is lavender oil. Rosemary oil and thyme oil also have hair growth properties. For maximum benefit of these oils, use them in combinations rather than single agents.

You can mix rosemary oil with lavender oil and properly massage the mixture into your scalp. You can also add the oil to your hair shampoo before massaging the shampoo into the scalp. Essential oils combined with a good scalp massage, when applying the oil, can promote hair growth.


2. Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a technological treatment option for hair loss. Available laser therapy options include a laser therapy comb or a laser hair growth cap. These two supply low-level light to the scalp to improve hair growth. A laser cap promotes the structure, strength, and integrity of the hair.

It has shown effectiveness in promoting hair growth in just a few months of use. An advantage of these laser therapy remedies is that you can carry them with you wherever you go. They are also easy to use, and you can use them in the comfort of your home. However, it is always advisable to use them under the supervision of your dermatologist.


3. Diet changes

Do you need the most affordable solution for your hair loss? Look no further; everything you need is right in your kitchen. That’s right, one way you can improve hair growth and volume is by improving your diet. Your general health will contribute to healthy hair. A poor diet can result in hair loss.

Eat healthy meals containing vegetables, proteins, and vitamins for hair growth. Proteins are essential elements in growing your hair. This is because your hair is made of proteins. Therefore, supplying your body with proteins will increase the protein available for hair growth.


4. Supplements

Several supplements can improve your hair growth. Vitamin and mineral supplements can go a long way in stopping your hair loss. These are mainly recommended for people whose hair loss results from malnourishment. Some essential nutrients that your hair needs for growth include zinc, folic acid, biotin, and iron. Folic acid helps the hair follicles to make new hair in affected areas of the scalp. Zinc, iron, and biotin promote thick and strong hair. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can also help with premature hair loss.

Inflammation is a significant cause of hair loss at an early age. Signs of hair loss, like hair thinning, typically appear in older adults. Therefore, when teenagers and children experience hair loss, it is considered premature. This can happen due to inflammatory disorders like psoriasis. Omega fatty acids provide inflammatory relief that promotes hair growth over time.


5. Hair growth shampoos

There are several hair-growth shampoos available in the market for hair loss. These shampoos promote strong, thick, and voluminous hair when used for a certain period. They achieve this by adequately moisturizing the scalp to improve the hair growth environment. A dry scalp promotes itching and growth of dandruff, making it difficult for healthy hair to grow.

However, the right shampoo can correct dandruff and itching. If you have excessive dandruff, try using a shampoo with zinc pyrithione. The pyrithione removes dead skin from the scalp that prevents the growth of healthy hair.

The above solutions can help effectively combat hair loss. Therefore, before spending money on buying drugs like minoxidil for hair loss, try these five methods. Drugs are generally associated with more expenses and have adverse effects that may lower your quality of life.

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