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The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know


You can easily start your blogging journey if you have good writing skills and proper knowledge of any specific language.

Blogging has become most effective in the market for all sizes of businesses to get more exposure from the online market.

Multiple sites exist where you can begin your blogging career at no cost.

WordPress, medium, blogger, Joomla, and Wix are the great platforms that provide you with a free domain and hosting service to start your blogging journey with ease.


You can start your blogging journey with any of the topics you are interested in; it could be anything gaming, technology blog ideas, traveling, investing, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

First, you need to start with a website where you can upload all your content and blog posts to your audience.



Decide your Niche:

Firstly, you need to find out which niche you will give your best knowledge to the audience and make an awesome blog.

Research in the market about your niche, what is going on, and how you will be able to provide awesome and unique content to your audience.

After deciding your niche,


Choose the Ideal Blogging Platform:

Which platform would be the most suitable? according to your niche and circumstances from all the free platforms like WordPress, blogger, medium, Wix, Joomla, and many more.

All these platforms provide various features and functions to start your blogging journey; you just need to find out that which one is the best for you to start your journey and create your blogging domain on that platform.

Moving on,


Create your Free Blogging Domain:

To create your blogging domain, you need to decide the name of your free domain website and look for the free domain options available in your blogging platform..

Choose the preferable domain for your blog and customize your free blogging website by adding theme, color, logo, header, footer, etc.

Make sure you put all your effort into making your blog website look cool and attractive to your audience.



Decide Topics to write about and Start Writing Blog Posts:

Now, you have to decide on topics in your niche that you wish to write for. Write down all these topics on your schedule and start writing about them to convert them into blog posts.

Write every day regularly and make it a habit that helps you learn and grow with your writing skills; try to make it unique, informative and as attractive as possible.

Use catchy headlines that urge your audience to click on your blog post and read the whole blog post.

Add meta description and conclusion in all your blog posts to help your audience and search engine to relate your blog.



Learn the Art of SEO:

If the term SEO is unknown to you, it refers to the practice of enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines like Google.

You have to learn the art of SEO that helps your blogs appear on the search engine result pages for users’ queries.

You can learn about SEO from YouTube and SEO websites such as Neil Patel, Backlinko, SEmrush, search engine journal, Moz, etc.

Moving on,


Share your blogs on Social Media:

Share all of your blog posts and content on social media to get more exposure from the social media users to your blog posts.

Share your blogs using relevant hashtags to find an audience with a similar interest in your blogging niche and grow your blog easily.


Learn Keyword Research and How to Write SEO Optimized Content:

Learn to do keyword research, find ideal keywords for your niche, and target these keywords in your blog post while writing.

Try to use unique images in your blog body and add your focus keyword at least six times in your blog post body but avoid keyword stuffing.

Use the number in your blog post headline to better optimize with SEO and make your blog post appear unique to the audience.


Try Guest Posting:

Now that you are ready with your blogging platform and publishing blogs frequently, you need to try guest posting to increase your blog traffic.

Guest posting will help your blog website to gain credibility from other websites and increase the domain authority of your blog.

You can find all guest posting websites by searching “Free Guest Posting websites” on search engines. And pitch these websites to get backlinks for your blog.


Improve your writing skills as a Blogger Everyday:

Learn to Improve your writing skills daily to produce good and amazing content that helps your blog get more traffic with ease.

Write, proofread, and edit; follow these processes to produce informative and unique content that helps users easily understand your content.

Experience your writing styles and topics to find out what your audience likes the most from you and provide them with the content that they want.

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