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View The Top 10 Geeky Innovations For 2020


Despite the ongoing pandemic, some pretty amazing products are still available for us tech geeks this year- some even inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. After you have figured out how to protect your gadgets, it may be time to treat yourself with new ones. To help you out, here is a list of ten innovations to discover so far this year.


One of the coolest tech to come from the pandemic would have to be the Zoom for home. Since the epidemic, Zoom is being used by many people. From teachers having classes online to online corporate meetings, Zoom came across as the right platform for conference calls. Well, Zoom does not want to be just a video conferencing app. To make the Zoom experience even better, they have released a 27 inch touchscreen device. This device would be great for online meetings or gatherings with a large number of people.


The Meeting Owl Pro is a video conferencing device used for meetings at the workplace. With a 360 degree camera, microphone, and speaker, this device seeks to create an immersive atmosphere for the user. It is compatible with other video conferencing platforms. 

Its autofocus and auto-zoom feature make it easy to detect who is speaking during the video conference meeting. Because of its clarity (in both visual and audio), it is the ideal system for video conference meetings.


Here is one for the gaming geeks. Rather than try to get a portable game, like a Nintendo Switch, or carry your bulky laptop all over the place, you could get the ASUS  Strix XG17 Portable Monitor. You can call it a  gaming tablet as it is a portable monitor. At only 1060g and 1cm slim, this gadget is lightweight, making it comfortable to carry around. As with all screen gadgets, always avoid excessive screen time and be weary of the associated issues it could cause with your vision. If you need assistance with your vision, be sure to contact your optician and get the correct eyewear, which you can easily purchase online.


Again, one for the gaming geeks who are tired of using their PC to achieve the ultimate game experience. Although its price range is entirely high, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is a worthy investment. This gaming monitor is a curved 49-inch screen with a 5120 x 1440 resolution- it is enormous! Its QLED display would bring out the clarity and colors of your games. So you see, it does provide the ultimate gaming experience.


After Apple’s iPods frenzy, many wireless earbuds have been on the market. You may think they are not as good as the iPods, but try skull candy wireless earbuds to debunk that thought. Skullcandy’s wireless earbuds use Tile technology. The wireless buds can be traced if they are misplaced. This technology helps ease the fear that most wireless earbuds holders have- which is if their earbuds may fall out and what to do if it does.


For the movie geeks who had a lot of their movie plans destroyed by COVID-19, these are for you. Now that the movie theatres are still not open, you have to stream your movies on your laptop or TV.  And do not worry about the sound quality- the SXFI theatre headphones can fix that. These headphones have a Super X-FI technology, making them loud, powerful, and with heavy bass. Because the headphones are wireless, all you need is to connect to a device’s Bluetooth to enjoy it in comfort. So you will still have your cinematic experience. The headphones are also good for games as well.


This smartwatch is the third generation of Motorolla’s smartwatches. With its WearOS, it is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. Apart from being stylish, this new model has features that make it stand out from the previous generations. For example, the operating system on this model is a bit faster than the others. You can make payments and track your fitness on this waterproof gadget.  


The new Fitbit charge 4 comes with new features. These include a new touchscreen face and GPS. But its most impressionable upgrade would be that it can monitor the oxygen volume in the wearer’s blood. This is very useful in identifying breathing complications one may be unaware of, like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the individual stops breathing while asleep. If you sleep alone, you would not know about this, but with the new Fitbit, you will. As it also monitors the heart rate, the Fitbit would alert you on abnormalities that you would need to check out.


Getting a ‘Build Your Own Cardboard Telescope’ kit is a good start for astronomy youngsters. Instead of spending so much money on an expensive telescope, bring out the engineer in your child by giving them this kit as a gift. The cardboard pieces are designed to slot into the right places with no need for glue or a pair of scissors. It might sound easy, but it is quite the task, making it an exciting project for the kids to start. Although the kit does not include any lenses, you will have a 72 cm telescope with a viewfinder and an angle finder in the end. You will also have a proud and accomplished child as a bonus.


This tablet is an answer to a problem for many parents. With the Pebble Gear Kids tablet, you do not have to worry about your cell phone and tablet. This kids’ tablet is tailored to the needs of your children. The tablet’s app store has about 500+ games and education apps for your child. Just because it is for children does not mean parents are kept out. The tablet comes with a range of parental controls to ensure your child’s safety. 

The year hasn’t ended, so there would definitely be more gadgets coming out soon, and we are looking forward to them.

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