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Mac OS Version Code Names Since 2001


Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of the different code names that Apple has used for its Mac operating system over the years. There have been a total of fifteen since 2001, all bringing a set of distinct features that users love.

Apple started offering regular updates and changes to its OS in an attempt to make operating systems more user-friendly in general. The company saw an opportunity to do things better than its main rival, Microsoft, and give users what they wanted: a customer-centric service. For many years, it seemed as if Microsoft was building operating systems for engineers that required a degree to use correctly. Apple wanted to simplify the user experience and make the whole thing work more smoothly for the average person.

In the early days, the company still had a long way to go to realize its dreams. But the fact that it was always a couple of steps ahead of its rivals in terms of user-friendliness cemented its brand and set Apple up as the powerhouse we know and love today.

Over the years, the code-named updates have brought a plethora of changes that Apple users have come to rely on heavily. Many of the updates over the years focused on improving performance, making it seem as if Macs were faster than their PC counterparts, even if they sported less powerful hardware.

The following infographic charts the various code names for Mac OS since 2001 and shows how the platform changed over time.

Infographic designed by Setapp charting the evolution of Mac OS

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