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You Can Do So Much! Making The Most Of This Uncertain Time


It’s safe to say that everybody is going through a stressful time right now. Everybody is feeling the pinch in a financial or emotional sense and everybody has their own challenges to overcome. And while we can all take the opportunity to delve back into Firefly and tap into the existential angles of “Objects In Space,” it’s a good idea to make the most of this uncertain time in other ways. Now is the opportunity to learn about ourselves. With this in mind, what can we truly learn during this testing time?

Understanding What You Don’t Know

We are stuck at home, this means that we should take the opportunity to build up our skills. One of the best places to begin is to figure out what you really don’t know in life. We all go through education thinking that we acquire a certain set of skills when in reality we only have a certain amount of knowledge that gets us so far. Right now taking the opportunity to look at our knowledge through a microscope can give us an understanding to progress in a completely different direction. Many people are taking the opportunity to diversify their knowledge through courses online via the George Washington University and other notable schools. And when we start to look at making the most of our education, especially as so many organizations are putting courses online for free, it gives you the opportunity to make a better life for yourself.

Learning Not To Take Things For Granted

We all understand right now difficult things can be. And while it’s easy to focus on the bad, we’ve got to focus on the good things. And when these good things happen we will cherish them a lot more. Learning to not take things for granted during uncertain times means that we value this time, whether it’s in terms of relationships or having the opportunity to sit down and go over your life and learn to start again. When we come out of this we will have a far better understanding of our lives and where we want to go next.

Figuring Out How To Make The Most Of Your Limited Capabilities

Going back to the idea of improving your knowledge you can understand where you are falling down and use this opportunity to create a timetable for yourself. But it’s also a challenge in terms of your limited resources. For example, everybody is now taking the opportunity to learn how to cook using cupboard staples. And this means that when we are used to a certain way of living and it’s taken away from us, we’ve got to truly think on our feet. It’s very easy for us to bury our heads in internet forums and try to avoid the reality of the situation but when it comes to something like food and you are starving you’ve got to figure out how to make something palatable. While it’s never easy at the time, and in fact it can be downright stressful, learning to make the most of your limited capabilities means you will progress as a person, but also understand that when you come out of this, you will have a lot more resilience in every single way.

Figuring Out Who Is Really Important In Your Life

One of the biggest lessons we learn from all this is who is important to us. We can spend a lot of time with fairweather friends and bonding over LARP or Cards Against Humanity and when we need someone just for a simple conversation or a sympathetic ear they are nowhere to be seen. It’s these stressful times that makes us realize who is important to us. You may think that you’ve spent a lot of time with people that are important to you but they are now showing their true colors. Instead of resenting these people, consider it a lesson well learned. When you start to figure out who is important in your life you can focus on those people that you love and improve those relationships. 

No time is ever wasted, even if you are bored indoors. Taking the opportunity to make the most of any stressful time is going to benefit you in terms of your knowledge, your resilience, and your outlook on life. People are connecting in so many different ways now people’s relationships will be infinitely richer after a lockdown is lifted. At the same time, you may feel that temptation to go into yourself. Now is the perfect opportunity while you have the space and the time to really make the most of your skills, learn new ones, and understand what is important in your life.

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