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The New Apple Products Are Too Expensive For Alabama


Apple held another massive invitation only media event today in San Francisco.  This event was to highlight their new products coming out for the 2013 Christmas season.  Now before I criticize Apple on some of their products, I wanted to talk about why I am not liking Apple.  And it’s mostly about the prices and lack of customization.  Seriously, who would shell out up to $500 for a tablet computer?  I would not!  And some of their latest computers are going to cost up to $3000.  Who has that money?

As you should know, Alabama is a relatively poor state.  When I see new tech products hitting the market, I am looking for the value of the buck.  I want to see the best products available for the lowest price available.  So when the prices of Apple products continue to go up and up, I can not support them.  Why pay $3000 for a new Apple computer when you can pay half the price for a better computer from the competitors.  CEO Tim Cook is from South Alabama and he should know how many people are poor from his home state.  He should be doing everything in his power to lower the prices of Apple products so more people can buy them.

Another thing I don’t like about Apple is the lack of customization on their products and apps.  With Android, you can easily develop and modify existing apps.  With Apple, you are stuck with the apps that are there.  I liked how they are now giving some of their software like iWork, and the Macintosh operating system Mavericks for free.  Yes, you have to buy a Macintosh computer or mobile device from Apple to get stuff for free.  Why not give other people who already have Apple products a chance to get stuff for free as well?

So I am off of my soapbox.  Let’s talk about the new products from Apple.  Apple first revealed the MacBook Pro notebooks with Retina displays which are now thinner and faster, with a better and longer battery life.  The 13-inch version will cost $1,300, down $300 from its original price, and the 15-inch model will cost $2,000, down $200 from the original price.  Still expensive in my opinion.  Apple also said the high-end Mac desktop computer, the Mac Pro, will begin shipping in December, for $3,000.  Again, who would pay $3000 for a computer?

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the crowd at the event that more than 170 million iPads have been sold so far.  And there are some big changes for the iPad line.  The new iPad Mini will have a high-resolution Retina display.  The new tablet will cost $400 — $70 more than the previous iPad Mini.  The new iPad Mini will also have a higher-resolution, 7.9-inch display.  Apple will continue selling the older iPad Mini without a Retina display for $300.

The biggest news is the new iPad Air.  The iPad Air is about 20 percent thinner than the previous iPad and weighs one pound, down from 1.4 pounds.  Both new iPads will include new chips, called A7 and M7.  And the prices are kind of crazy in my opinion.  The smaller iPad starts at $400 and the bigger iPad will cost $500.  Now I am not only criticizing Apple over their tablets.  Windows has also been putting out some not so stellar tablets as well.  I have tried running Windows 8 and it is a pain with that new start screen.  Try using the new start screen on a laptop without touch screen technology.  It’s a major pain and I would not spend $120 to upgrade from Windows 7.

Tablets are very popular with consumers as around 120 million were purchased in 2012.  What I am waiting for is a great and powerful tablet for the lowest cost possible.  People in Alabama don’t make much money, and they are not made out of money as well.  With these high and outrageous prices, don’t expect to see many sales out of Alabama.  People down here are waiting for value, that’s why Wal-Mart and Dollar General, among other places are very popular down here!

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