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Cast Your Vote For North Alabama’s New Baseball Team


The Madison and Huntsville area is going to get a new Minor League baseball team!  Since their last team moved to the Gulf Coast, North Alabama officials have been trying to get a new team, and they got one.  And while the new stadium is being built, the officials are wanting the public to vote for the name of the new team.  Until August 16th, you can vote for your favorite name for Northern Alabama’s professional baseball team starting in 2020.

Keep in mind, they are looking for a brand that tells the story of Northern Alabama and perfectly captures everything that makes the region unique! They are searching for the perfect team name with which the entire community can have great fun!  To participate in the “Name The Team” sweepstakes, you must first choose the regional identifier.  It can either be Madison, Rocket City, or North Alabama.

Then you have to pick your favorite team name.  Here are the names and the reasons for the name.

The names include Army Ants, Moon Possums, Space Sloths, Trash Pandas, and my favorite, Puffy Head Bird Legs.  If you want to vote, just click the link at:

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