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Animation Monday: Trailers From DuckTales, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, My Little Pony: FIM


In the second Animation Monday today, way too much animation news!  Let’s talk about a few more cartoon trailers from Comic Con.  The first trailer below is what to expect for the rest of season one on DuckTales.  It includes a special actor taking over Donald Duck’s voice, Don Cheadle!

Next, the trailer for the Adventure Time finale along with a special clip from the episode was uploaded.  I am least glad Adventure Time will live on as a comic book series!

Next, Cartoon Network released a teaser for the upcoming Steven Universe: The Movie.  For only 15 seconds of something, the video has over 700,000 views.

Next, we get a special sneak peek at season 4 of Star vs. The Forces of Evil!

And finally, here is a trailer for the 2nd half of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 8.  I kind of wish Hasbro would upload this to their YouTube channel!

If you are looking for trailers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disenchantment, Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7, Young Justice: Outsiders, and Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus, I talked about them in another post.  Click the link to see them!

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