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Animation Monday: DuckTales 2017 / Big Hero 6: The Series


On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, let’s talk two brand new cartoons!

Over the fast few months, we have seen the premiere of two new cartoons on Disney XD.  In the early Fall, the channel premiered the 2017 version of the classic cartoon DuckTales.  You remember DuckTales, the cartoon from the late 1980’s you saw on TV.  Now, the cartoon has been rebooted for 2017.  The new cartoon has inspiration from the comic book series, and I must say the animation and look is very well done!  Everything from the writing, voice cast, and animation work is amazing!  In the new series, Donald Duck along with nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, have to move into the mansion owned by Scrooge McDuck.

The nephews meet Webby, who in this series is much more involved in the show versus the classic cartoon.  Webby has been kind of locked up and shielded from the outside world, and in the series she is learning everything from friendship to confidence.  Along with the funny Launchpad, the group goes around the world or just across town to find interesting adventures.  Yes, this is a show for kids on a kids network, but any adult would enjoy watching this show too!  I would say this is the most successful kids cartoon launch since My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Gravity Falls.

If you have not seen a DuckTales episode yet, do yourself a favor and watch the pilot below, you’ll like it!

Another cartoon that premiered on Disney XD is a spinoff from the Big Hero 6 movie.  Big Hero 6: The Series continues the adventures of Hiro Hamada and friends, who has to balance school like with also being superheroes.  The first episode showed the events in the movie from the time Baymax’s arm and chip was discovered by Hiro to the time Baymax was rebuilt.  I thought the animation work was good too.  Most of the voice roles from the movie is in the TV show, and I am excited to see how the series progresses when it comes back in 2018.

Yeah, the animation is different from the movie, but it’s worth giving a shot!

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