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Video Roundup: The 25th Anniversary Of The Blizzard Of 1993 Media Coverage


Today is a cold day across Alabama, but 25 years ago a historic snowstorm dumped over one foot of snow across Central and Northern Alabama.  Just about all of Alabama got some snow from this storm, along with some massively strong winds.  Since I wrote my first post about this event, new videos have come out from people who predicted and went through this event.

Here is a newscast the day after the storm from WSB.

Here is more coverage from WSB and WXIA.

WLOS in Asheville, NC put out a VHS video highlighting the storm with news reports during and after the storm.

National Geographic put out a Documentary about the storm that aired on NBC.

WRCB in Chattanooga had their meteorologists talk about the storm.

WDEF in Chattanooga also put out videos about the storm.

The Weather Channel had coverage from this storm.

Even The Weather Channel lost power during this storm.

Here are video clips from WVTM.

And here are video clips from James Spann, Dan Satterfield & Kevin Collins when they were at WBRC.

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