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2017 Solar Eclipse Pictures And Video From Spring City Tennessee


On Monday, I went up to Spring City, TN to view the once of an lifetime event, also known as the 2017 solar eclipse.


Heading up, along with taking a dog, the traffic was fine.  Once we got to Spring City, we quickly got a spot next to the old train depot.  And before the total eclipse, I got some train shots.

While waiting for the eclipse, I took some pictures of my mom’s dog Minnie.  Yep, she knows what a camera is!

And then, the eclipse!  When it went to total eclipse, many in the small town cheered.  Yes, even a train had to come through during the total eclipse.

And yes, traffic was a major headache going back home.  This video from the YouTube channel Live Storms Media gives a taste of what it was like.

Other people from Alabama, such as Steel City Urbex, were also in Spring City.

Another person from Alabama, Kevin Henderson from SkyBama, was in a plane over Nashville 12,000 feet up from the ground!

Overall, it was a great show!

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