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View The Walking Dead Season 7 / Fear The Walking Dead Mid Season 2 Comic Con Trailers


Today has been a big day over at San Diego Comic Con.  If you like The Walking Dead franchise, then you are going to enjoy these two trailers below!  The first trailer is the season seven Comic Con trailer to The Walking Dead.  Sorry, you don’t see who Negan kills with his Lucille bat.  But, you get to see a glimpse of The Kingdom!  And the introduction of Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.  The season will premiere on Sunday, October 23rd.  A little later than normal, that means the mid-season will end right before Christmas!

Also included is the mid-season two premiere of the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead.  Nick is wondering off deeper into Mexico in his zombie guts, not a good idea as he encounters gangs and people wanting to help others.  And the rest of the group are split off as most goes inside an oceanfront hotel.  The mid-season premieres on Sunday, August 21st.

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