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Five Things Showing Why Jacksonville Alabama Is In Trouble


I mean, what in the world is happening in Jacksonville, Alabama?  First off, the city decided to build all of their important buildings like all the schools and the fire and police departments in one small area behind a Wal-Mart.  This is a stupid move in Alabama, because we all know that major tornadoes can strike at anytime.  I am kind of wishing now a major EF5 tornado now strikes Jacksonville, and teaches city planners a lesson about how not to build a city.

Second, Jacksonville was just ranked as one of the five cities in Alabama with the most population loss.  From 2010 to 2014, Jacksonville was among the five biggest population losses in Alabama along with Selma, Montgomery, Anniston, and Eufaula.  I can probably see why people are leaving Jacksonville and Calhoun County in the thousands, cough (lousy leadership) cough.

Third, Jacksonville thought the kids had too much to do during their free time, so the city is doing anything it can to make it harder for kids to have fun.  The city recently passed an ordinance that pretty much bans anything to be played in a street.  I mean you would not want to play basketball on highway 21, no one would!  But in a cul-de-sac, kids are now going to be bored, and any equipment can be hauled off to the city dump, great going Jacksonville!

Fourth, Jacksonville tried to annex land surrounding the city by force.  They thought since the land was already in the police jurisdiction, and the kids in this land were already going to the city schools, that the city should forcefully annex land into the city, and force these landowners to pay more taxes.  Thankfully local legislators have stopped this!

But what takes the cake is this latest development with the city schools.  Jacksonville City Schools fired their superintendent Jon Paul Campbell.  This was not a popular decision, because the latest board meeting was in packed room of angry citizens!  Let this video below show you what I mean!

And if you really want to know what is going on, Eric Wayne Key sent me a SoundCloud audio clip from a BOE meeting, it’s worth a listen!

These five things above shows why the leadership in the city of Jacksonville has gone completely haywire!  I don’t know what is going on, but the city needs some new leadership, and fast!  With the latest matter involving the schools, this sounds like the BOE wanted to pretty much backdoor Campbell, and it’s not just the superintendent, the BOE pretty much kept quiet when the citizens demanded answers on important topics.

But I guess this is what you get when the citizens votes in people who are corrupt.  Maybe next time you will think about who you will vote for when you go to the ballot box!

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