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Animation Monday: Brad Paisley’s Crushin’ It Superhero Animated Music Video


Prepare for a new animated music video, with all hand drawn animation, all done by Brad Paisley himself!  In Brad’s new music video called “Crushin’ It”, you see what it would be like if major country music starts had a superhero backlife.  Brad is Iron Man!  How about the other country music stars?

Oh, there is more in this video!  You get to see Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, and all the superhero names are rednecked!  For example, you see Steel Moonshiner, The Timcredibles, Hell’s Rascals, General B.S., Flash Smiley, The Hoot Owl, Derx Skydrinker, Agua Man, The Zoro Brown Bandaleleros, Carrie Underwoman, Captain Australia, and more in Country’s Mightiest Heroes!

The heroes are trying to defeat a beer can robot army, I am not making this up!  Well I guess that we now know that Brad Paisley is a geek and nerd like the rest of us!  Great job hand drawing and creating this entire animated music video, enjoy!

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