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Who On TableTop Has The Guts And Food To Survive Zombies In The Dead Of Winter


Has this ever happened on TableTop before?  Everyone loses and the game wins?  I mean, Wil Wheaton was so close to winning, but had no food to win the game.  For starters, Wil gave an amazing intro about how corporate America has cashed in on the zombie craze.  The first two minutes are a must watch!  Then, you get to see game play of the game Dead of Winter, a zombie like game where survival is the name of the game!

In this episode, Wil Wheaton, Dodger Leigh, Grant Imahara, and Ashley Johnson plays the scenario called Too Many Mouths, where it forces the group to find food to feed everyone, round by round, or starve to death.  The Dead of Winter game forces everyone to work together to win.  Each player has their own objectives that must be also accomplished in order to win the game.  And, one player is chosen as the defector, who works against the player’s objectives.  I wonder who was chosen as the defector in this game?

So in this game, one can win, several can win, or everyone loses and the game wins.  This game is a challenge to play with the many mind tricks in it, and watch below to see who has the mind and guts to beat Dead of Winter.  Kind of appropriate to release this video today with Alabama and most of the country experiencing the coldest day so far this Winter, enjoy!

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