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Watch Wil Wheaton Try To Beat Kids On TableTop With Catan Junior


The Geek & Sundry show Written by a Kid only lasted for one season on the YouTube channel, but the kids are back to play a game with Wil Wheaton on TableTop!  On this edition of TableTop, Wil and the kids are playing Catan Junior, which is similar to the adult Catan game, but with rules modified to be more kid friendly including pirates!  Wil Wheaton says in the video that many families have watched TableTop since the show began, and although Wil wanted to make TableTop an adult show with no bleeping out bad words, smarter people prevailed!

So, can Wil beat a group of kids at a board game?  Or will the kids crush his dreams of being a sole winner on TableTop?  Watch to find out below!

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