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Five Things I Will Love This Valentine’s Day Since I Am Single



Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Saturday is Valentine’s Day, the day where restaurants will be overbooked, florists will be super busy selling overpriced flowers, wedding parlors will be performing over the top weddings, and couples everywhere will be getting their love on.  But for me, I will be celebrating another Valentine’s Day probably in my apartment watching some TV and indulging in discounted Valentine’s Day candy.

Look, I am 28-years-old, and I have NEVER dated anyone!  That’s right, I have never dated anyone, woman or man.  I have come close several times to meeting and maybe having a relationship with a partner, but everytime I get close, the partner decides not to be with me, and goes somewhere else.  It’s like my never-ending job search, I have filled out over 1,400 job applications, and have been rejected every time from employers I have taken the time to apply too.  But I have not given up, yet.

So, I am calling Saturday Singles Awareness Day, and not Valentine’s Day!  No sir!  The only thing I will come close to with a Valentine’s name is the discounted candy stores sell the day after the overpriced holiday!  While I see my friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, and other social media sites talk about their significant others, and sharing plenty of photos of their families and kids, I look at them, and just get off social media, and look at the things I like the most.

I like several things, and I will be loving them instead of another spouse on Valentine’s Day.  And I guess I am okay with that!  Because as of right now, I believe Valentine’s Day is an overpriced holiday retailers created to make money.  Maybe when I finally find a partner, I might consider Valentine’s Day as something else.  So, what are the five things I will be loving instead of what many others do on Valentine’s Day?

1. Pets and Animals

I am a huge animal lover!  I mean, pets and animals love me, and I love them back!  It’s an good relationship.  For example, when I see Georgina the dog, she wags her fluffy tail and I have to love her for about an hour before she gets tired of it!  And even cats and other pets sees me as a friendly person.  Sometimes, I wonder if the animals love me more than some humans I encounter, I think that is an accurate statement.

Loving other pets and animals is also a stress reliever for me.  Since most days end in flames, having a pet to love, and the pet loving me back, is something I look forward too each night.  Today, I live in an apartment with a no pets policy, so that means I get my pets and animals fix by watching animal videos on YouTube, and downloading videos to watch every night when I get home from the library.

I have gotten the opportunity to help raise dogs, cats, chickens, pheasants, quail, turkeys, fish, turtles, rabbits, horses, hamsters, mice, and more!  Yep, I know how certain animals act and behave, and every time I encounter an pet, it usually wants love, and more love!  Yes, I do think the pets and animals love me more than some people, and that’s sad!  And by the way, thank you Purina for this tweet!

2. My Traffic Lights

As some of you might know, I have a collection of traffic lights in my apartment.  I also have a road sign, road reflectors, and plenty of my hand-drawn road drawings.  Don’t be surprised to see me standing on the side of the road and watching the traffic go by and watching the traffic lights change.  I consider this as my unwind time, this is what I like to do to unwind!  You also might see me standing at a railroad crossing waiting for a train to come by.

But, when I do this, some people considers me a threat.  Some might blow their car horn at me, some might throw trash at me, some might yell cuss words at me, some might swerve towards me, and sadly some will call the police on me for standing on the side of the road.  I have gotten used to it, since some people treats me as a second class citizen.  Even if some harass me while I am on the side of the road, I will continue to do what I like to do, even if that gets me arrested or landing in the hospital.

Thankfully, there are some people who cares seeing me walking on the side of the road and will give me a quick car ride.  It even happened on Valentine’s Day morning!  At least there are some caring people in this community.

3. Watching Cartoons

One of my escapes you can call it is watching cartoons.  Most days end in a blaze of glory, and to unwind I might pull up a cartoon I downloaded onto my computer.  I have been a cartoon junkie since I have been a young kid, and I have no plans to quit watching cartoons!  But sadly, cartoons are slowly showing me way being single is not good.

From Phineas and Isabella

Shining Armor and Princess Cadence

And even Korra and Asami

Cartoons have begun to insert more dating stuff into them, and I hate that!  The networks love to show all single people why being single sucks on Valentine’s Day.  I wish the networks would not make the single people sad and angry by shoving it into our faces about why couples are better, that is wrong!

4.  Being A Geek/Nerd

Well, I was closely watching a winter storm threat coming to Alabama early next week, but now that won’t happen!  Thank you Lord, because walking for over three miles in the ice and snow would not have been good!

As you can see, I love watching weather models, playing video games, watching science videos, trying out new tech products, and listening/watching people being smart on TV or online.  I also like being smart on this website, and when we have people who don’t know what they are talking about in Alabama, I will talk about it.  And sadly, we have plenty of people in Alabama who don’t know what they are talking about, the social media comments kind of prove that point.

5.  People Rejecting Me

Well, being rejected over 1,400 times, applying to things I am qualified for only to not be heard back from or to be said the job has been filled, people threatening me on social media and on this blog, people calling the police on me for walking on the side of the road, and sometimes being asked to leave places for not doing anything, yea that happens too.  For example, I got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, an almost cuss-out with the manager of the local grocery store.

Since I walk to the library or to places with a wi-fi connection, I wear a backpack that has my computer and power cord in it.  The grocery store has never had a problem when I grocery shop with the backpack.  And I don’t steal anything, and if an employee wanted to check if I was shoplifting anything, I would have no problem with it.  So, the manager said to leave my backpack by the door, where someone could have picked it up and steal my computer.  And you knew I was not going to do that.  So a quick chat later, and I won’t be going back to the grocery store ever again!

Every time I get rejected from something, I love it!  It shows me that some people would rather see me as some second-class citizen than treating me with decent respect.  Yeah, I am public with me being jobless and having an disability, some people views that as a person who should have no respect!  And some have criticized me for not doing more than what I am doing on Geek Alabama.  For example, no sponsorship’s.  Look, to grow a site, you need to be featured somewhere, that’s the only way!  The owner of Yellowhammer News has been on the radio.  Other bloggers have been featured on sites like, but when I ask to let them do a story about what I am doing, or I ask the radio DJ’s to talk about what I am doing, I get the stink eye.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I will begin the week walking for several miles once again which includes a dental appointment to get cavities fixed, which I don’t have the money to pay for.  Yay for more debt!  You wonder why I am critical and sometimes negative, when you have been rejected many and many times, you eventually get to this point.  If things changed, my mood would get better.  And from now on, if you criticize me on social media, I unfollow you and block you!  Since you don’t take the time to understand my situation, you don’t deserve to see my updates on social media, end of story!

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