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The Internet Bullies Have Hijacked My YouTube Channel With Nathan Sucks


UPDATE:  I am also including a Mean Comments video and GeekNerdPoly podcast about this.  Both the video and podcast includes bad language.

This will be a post about something that happened late last week on my YouTube channel.  I thought about putting this out on Friday, but I went against this because it was Friday, the weather was comfortable with lower humidity, and putting this out would upset some people who were getting ready for the weekend!  So let’s talk about what happened.  And be warned, this language might upset some people.

Late on Thursday, I discovered that someone had created a fake YouTube profile named “Nathan Sucks.”  This person took a still of me from one of my videos, which made me look like the joker.  And this person went to about 15 different videos on my YouTube channel and left some very hateful comments.  When I first logged on, I saw on my Google notification bell that I had nearly 30 comments.  Sadly all of these were from that Nathan Sucks account.

This person said it was starting the campaign #ShutdownNathan.  In one of the comments, this person actually said that “Operation #ShutdownNathan is underway!”  Whoever did this left a wide variety of hateful and harassful comments on my channel.  For example, on one of my The Southern Geek videos, this person left two comments.


Proof that Nathan Young is a GAY, LIBERAL RACIST who HATES WHITE PEOPLE!!

On another The Southern Geek video, this person wrote:


So, if you have to beg for ‘donations’ and talk all the time about how you can’t pay your rent, how the f*** do you get to go see a movie? And how do you get there? Walk? I don’t think so. You’re a fraud.

On an Aspie Vlogs video, this person wrote:

He can’t live with his mother because she doesn’t want him. She’s already called him out on his bulls***. And she can’t support his fat a** anymore.

On my new Video Resume video, this person wrote:

If you’re so good, you wouldn’t have to read it off of a piece of paper, you fat f***.

And on my latest Mean Comments video, this person wrote:

He didn’t contact anyone. Always blaming someone else for his laziness. Your mother is right. You blame everyone else. Piece of s***.

This went on an on!  What I did is I went to where this person left comments, copied them to a word document, deleted them, and when I got to the last one, I reported this “Nathan Sucks” account to YouTube under harassment.  What to read the other comments this person wrote, enjoy below!

#8: You’re a big fat f***.

Anniston and Oxford hates you. Leave town. Only reason someone hasn’t run over your fat a** yet, is because you’d destroy their car. Don’t flatter yourself. You aren’t IMPORTANT enough to be the most ‘hated person on the internet’. And, you’re not getting ANYONE kicked off the internet. YouTube, Twitter, etc doesn’t give a s*** about you. Get a job. Or get out of town. Fat f***.

118 views makes you ‘popular’? You’re a fat waste of space. Please stop breathing.

Hope you don’t make it to your 29th. Stealing internet and all. Lose some weight. You’re going to have to get your own zip code soon. Fat f***.

When you’re laying on the floor and screaming, is that the sound you made when Jeffrey was pounding you’re a**? Or did he do that when you got in the shower with him? People talk. A lot.

By the way, have contacted your apartment manager about you stealing wi-fi from hard working, PAYING customers. Trust me, they’ll be looking out for you. You’re toast fat a**.

Operation #SHUTDOWNNATHAN  is underway!

Tip for foot not hurting. Get a job and drive like the rest of us. Also, don’t weigh as much as a god d***ed elephant.

22 views. WOW YOURE POPULAR!!! Loser.

Awww. Cute comments. What you people DONT see, is all of the lying he does. About friends that try to help him. About family that has had to support his lazy a** for 4 years being UNEMPLOYED. You play this ‘handicapped’ card to stupid people. We know. We are everywhere, and we know all about you.

Youre a liar. Your blog isn’t popular. Using a ‘disability’ to try and get money, is beyond disgusting. I hope you lose everything you have.

You won’t catch us all fat boy. We have MANY accounts. And we are JUST starting. You’re days of downing the city of Anniston are numbered.

FIVE CORN DOGS AT ONE TIME??? God you’re a fat f***. Just stick your head in the oven and breathe deeply. You’re pretty much worthless.

Sweaty fat elephant. Always good for a laugh from everyone. Yeah, laughing at your fat a**.

Wow. 77 views! You’re SO POPULAR!! Lol. Not really. You’re a fat f***.

All you do is film traffic, trains and yourself. Get a job fat f***.

Wow, this person or persons had a lot of wonderful and great things to say about me, not!  I mean come on, let’s address some of the comments above!  About the Jeffrey comment, I let him use my shower and gave him a meal when he was homeless and living in his car in Anniston.  And no, we did not have sex.  If you have that in your head, you have one very dirty mind!  About the wi-fi, I either go to the library or the laundromat next door which is open 24 hours and has free wi-fi.  I am not stealing wi-fi, and as for contacting the apartment manager, I have already chatted with her and she is on the lookout for anyone who goes after me!

I am also not someone who hates white people and is a racist.  I am not gay, but do support those who are in the homosexual lifestyle.  As for going to see a movie, I have been given free movie passes and I walk there!  And I loved how this person called out my own mother, who should be angry at this!  Um, and I do have some friends out there who will help me out like giving me a ride somewhere to cover an event for example.  Oh and that’s right, I am not lazy!  Heck I walked to go cover another event last weekend, and I am online writing posts, shooting pictures, and taking video!  I am also not always lying and I am not playing a handicapped card.  I really do have a mental disability called Asperger’s Syndrome.  And we are currently waiting for the disability results mostly because no one wants to hire me!

I also love that this person called me an elephant, and I should have my own zip code because I am way too fat.  I also loved that this person said I should stop breathing and stick my head into an hot oven and kill myself.  And thank you for saying I should not make it to my 29th birthday, you make me so proud!  Also thank you for laughing at my fat a**.  I have probably done more than what you have done!  And lastly, I film a lot more than trains and roads!  Well, I have to defend myself somehow!  And after these comments were left and I deleted them, I turned off all comments on my YouTube channel.  So the last laugh is on you!  You can dislike all the videos you want, but you won’t be able to comment on them anymore!

So obviously these comments above are harassment comments towards me.  And I did contact the local police about these comments.  For starters, they know who I am because they have had a history of people calling the police on me for simple things like walking on the side of the road.  For now they can’t do much, but I am on the lookout, and anytime something like this happens, I will be taking a screenshot and reporting it to the police.  Because this has happened to other people before, especially those with disabilities like Asperger’s.  Sadly, after the rude comments some people have had to deal with physical harassment.  So for now I am looking over my shoulder a lot more, because I do not want to be harmed physically!

And one more thing, for having people who hates me so much to leave things like this so close to my 29th birthday on August 15 is very rude and disrespectful!  If you don’t have the nerves of steel to say those things in front of my face, you should not be leaving comments like those period!  I have had to go through a bunch of hateful people and things in my life.  From people bullying me, name-calling me, threatening me, hitting and punching me, tying me up to chairs, people not caring about me while I am beaten up, sitting in isolation for up to weeks at a time, and people not listening to me, you name it, I have probably experienced it.

No one has the right to abuse me like that!  Sure I might be very different than many other people out there.  But you should have no right to leave rude things like that to me or anyone else!  Sadly more and more people have been leaving mean comments, and mostly every social media site has had to help me to deal with this!  So do yourself a favor, and get a life!  You are probably sitting in front of your computer in your mother’s basement while you have had everything come to you.  Maybe it’s time to put you in an area where no one can help you.  Maybe you can get a real taste of what’s it like to go through what I have gone through in my life!  You need to get a life for real!

Yes, my ways of thinking politically might be way different than many other people in Alabama.  But I am still here, and there are actually people here who agree with me!  It’s time for whoever who is running the “Nathan Sucks” account to gain a couple of IQ points and lighten up and get real!  Thank you for reading this!  And by the way see what I do with my visual resume and video resume below!

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