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Roadscapes Wednesday: 10th St. / 8th St. Malfunctioning Traffic Lights


This week I wanted to talk about some traffic lights along Quintard Ave. that are still malfunctioning!  The lights along Quintard at 10th St., 8th St. (AL-202), and Greenbrier Dear Rd. are still going through light cycles when no one is there to trigger the lights.  The 10th St. and 8th St. lights are malfunctioning because ped signals to cross Quintard Ave. are still malfunctioning.  The ped signal buttons are broken and that causes the ped signals to go to walk on each cycle when they are not supposed too.  I have talked about these lights being broken since Summer 2012!

When these lights are malfunctioning, it causes short green light times on Quintard Ave.  During the day time, this causes major traffic backups.  If no one is paying attention, this causes accidents.

So I have to wonder when the city of Anniston or ALDOT will ever fix these traffic light problems.  It could be worse, traffic lights in the city of Oxford are malfunctioning and causing massive traffic problems as well!

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