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View The New Video Resume/CV Of Nathan Young


Yes, I have been away for the past few days on Geek Alabama, but I have been doing something amazing behind the scenes and I am now ready to feature it!  Several people on YouTube have done and uploaded their own video resume or CV.  These videos are all very creative, and I drew inspiration from a few of these videos below.  The best part, all of the videos below have resulted in the person getting hired!

So now, it’s my turn!  The Nathan Young Video Resume/CV is all you need to know about me Nathan Young, and why I would fit right in at your business and/or organization.  The video features a scrolling bottomline that features things about me.  The video also included some Quick Hits, or quick and simple facts about me.  All of this got started when I created the Nathan Young Visual Resume with around 11,000 views now!

And now, I have uploaded my Nathan Young Video Resume/CV onto YouTube and Vimeo.  View the videos below, and if you want to see all of my resumes, go to:

If you want to contact me now, e-mail me at

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