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Sunday Discussion: My Endorsements For The 2014 Alabama General Election


On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am going to make my endorsements for the 2014 Alabama general elections, and the races in Calhoun County, where I live.  As you know, Alabama is in deep trouble.  From major cuts to education, very weak economic growth, overcrowded prisons, and much more, Alabama needs some help and fast.  I invite you to read my post called 10 reasons why the State of Alabama is in deep trouble by clicking here before you go vote.

Sadly, the candidates for the statewide offices are very weak.  Governor Bentley is going to win another term in office.  In fact, out of all of the governor races on Tuesday, Bentley has the best odds of winning another term.  His opponent, Parker Griffith, has no chance.  If the Alabama Democrats picked someone who was more connected with Alabamians, this might be a closer race.  The only major statewide race is for attorney general.  And for races like the US Senate, state treasurer, public service commission, and the major Alabama courts in Montgomery, you are only going to find one person running.

In my opinion, this is one of the smallest, and weakest ballets you will ever see when you go vote on Tuesday.  So, who do I endorse for the major statewide races, read on!

Alabama Governor – Robert Bentley

I really wanted to see a better Democratic candidate, but Parker Griffith will not win on Tuesday, and the governor’s race will be called quickly on Tuesday night.  Let me say this, Alabama has not done very well under Robert Bentley, the unemployment is some of the worst in America, and it’s not getting better.  But we will have to live with Robert Bentley for four more years.

Alabama Lieutenant Governor – Kay Ivey

As with the governor’s race, the Lt. Governor race will also seeing Kay Ivey winning big.  If Democrats have put in a stronger candidate, the race would have been different.

Attorney General – Joe Hubbard

The Attorney General office has been a mess under Luther Strange, from corruption inside the office, to the office more worried about chasing old people out of gambling places than worrying about the five rapes that take place every day in Alabama.  Alabama needs something better, and that man is Joe Hubbard!

US Senate – Jeff Sessions

He is the only man running, so I have no choice but to endorse him

State Treasurer – Young Boozer

Only person running, so automatic endorsement

State Auditor – Jim Zeigler

Since most people would trust a Republican more than a Democrat when it comes to money, Jim Zeigler will probably win.

Commissioner of Agriculture – John Mcmillan

John Mcmillan will win easily.

Secretary of State – John Merril

John Merril will win easily.

Amendment 1 – NO

Did you know if amendment 1 passes, if you are married in another country, Alabama can not recognize it?  Or if children are adopted from another country, Alabama can not recognize it?  And some business contracts can not be recognized in Alabama, so vote no on this!

Amendment 2 – YES

Armories needs to be updated.

Amendment 3  – YES

Yes, mostly everyone will vote yes on this, since I support the right to own a gun, and most people in Alabama support guns as well.

Amendment 4  – NO

This amendment would make public education worse off, so no!

So, those are the major statewide races.  I am moving to the major Calhoun County races!

Senate District 12 – Taylor Stewart

Anniston/Oxford has one of the worst economies in the United States.  And if Anniston/Oxford is going to get better, we need new leadership.  Del Marsh has cut public education, and refused to pass important bills just to end the legislative session early.  I endorse Taylor Stewart!

US House District 3 – Mike Rogers

I wish the Democrats would have picked a better candidate.  When Jesse Smith compared some political leaders to ISIS, that ended the support from many people.  Sadly, the third district in East Alabama is one of the worst economic areas in America.  We will have to wait two more years for a better candidate.

State Rep. District 29 – Michael Gladden

State Rep. District 32 – Barbara Boyd

State Rep. District 35 – Steve Hurst

State Rep. District 36 – Randy Wood

State Rep. District 39 – Richard Lindsey

State Rep. District 40 – Ted Copland

Calhoun County Sheriff – Larry Amerson

Calhoun County Revenue Commissioner – Karen Roper

Calhoun County Coroner – Pat Brown

As for the county commission races, you will mostly find everyone running unopposed.  So people of Alabama, to make the state better, we need new people.  The process gets started on election day!  Go vote on Tuesday!

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