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My Crooked Alabama Election Day Experience At A New Polling Place


On Election Day, or the 2014 Alabama General Election, I was moved to a new polling place.  My past polling place has been the Norwood Hodges Community Center in the Golden Springs part of Anniston.  Now, my new polling place was the South Highland Community Center.  Today was my first time voting at the South Highland Community Center, and things were wacky to say the least.

As soon as I got off the bus and crossed the street.  A gentlemen ran up to me and gave me two flyers.  This was almost at the front door, and I am sure this was within the no campaigning within the 30 feet rule all polling places have to follow.  The two flyers I got was one encouraging me to vote for our democratic senator candidate Taylor Stewart, save our schools!

The second flyer was a sample ballot from the Alabama New South Alliance. The sample ballot had all of the democratic nominees marked while no republican nominees were marked.

Now, when I went inside to vote, I showed the poll workers my photo ID, that process was very easy.  Then I got my ballot, and went to sit down.  I noticed the two tables had plenty of papers encouraging people to vote for a certain candidate.  I went to vote, and found plenty of papers wanting me to vote democratic.

I thought campaigning within 30 feet of the door was illegal.  I also thought leaving flyers encouraging people to vote for a certain candidate was also illegal.  The South Highland Community Center is in a poorer area of Anniston, and the area has more people who would vote democratic and are different races.  I hope the next election will offer a cleaner opportunity to vote, without the papers and people encouraging me to vote for someone.  But, that is elections in Alabama for you.

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