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Music Thursdays: The Because I Got High Guy Is Back


Remember the classic and funny song “Because I Got High?”  The song, sung by Afroman, tells the story of things going horribly wrong after he smoked marijuana.  The fate of Afroman gets worse and worse as the song keeps going.  I was younger when this song was released in 2001, and I loved every minute of it.  Not because it supported pot, because the song was catchy.  Have a look at this classic music video below!

Now, Afroman and the classic song is back, in a remix form!  The groups Weedmaps and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws partnered with Afroman to release a remix of  “Because I Got High”, this time to support nationwide marijuana legalization efforts.  The new music video features Afroman sitting on a couch going down the street.  And the music video talks about how marijuana approves the health of people who are suffering with health problems.  Plus the ways marijuana improves our society and government revenue.

And the music video even has lyrics on the screen you can follow along!  For the folks who say marijuana should not be legalized, it won’t be long before all 50 states legalizes marijuana, even Alabama.  Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia have votes coming up to legalize marijuana.  While states like Florida have votes coming up to legalize medical marijuana.  All of this while Alabama only legalized a study of oil coming from the marijuana plant.  While I could debate why marijuana should be legalized, have fun watching this music video below!

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