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Three New And Interesting Laws for 2014


Every time we usher in a new year, many states and communities also usher in new laws.  And this year, there are many new laws!  Some will help people like the states and communities who are raising the minimum wage.  While other laws will make some people unhappy like Illinois banning the use of tanning beds for people under 18.  Here are the three most interesting laws that are now on the books for 2014!

Ban of Manufacturing and Import of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Starting today, no one can manufacture an incandescent light bulb in the United States.  No one is also not allowed to import an incandescent light bulb into the country either.  The country used to allow 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs to be sold.  But the new law is the final phase in the country’s switch to more energy-efficient light sources.  A lot of people are not pleased of this new law because they prefer incandescent light bulbs instead of energy-efficient bulbs like halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs.  President Bush signed this law in 2007 and any attempts to stop this law have been unsuccessful.

Retailers are allowed to sell the remaining stock of incandescent light bulbs and once they are gone, they are gone!  Some incandescent bulbs are exempt from the law, such as colored light bulbs and incandescents used in appliances.  But many people are not wanting to make the switch.  One, because the incandescent light bulb is something they are used too.  And two, halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs cost more than the traditional bulb.  I have already made the switch and every light in my apartment is CFL bulbs except for the four lights in the ceiling fan.  Mostly due to not seeing any good bulbs to replace those lights.  I guess we will see some hoarding from people and the supply of incandescent light bulbs will quickly disappear forever.

Legal Sale of Marijuana In Colorado

Today was a big day in the state of Colorado.  At 8 am local time, people were lined up and were able to purchase up to an ounce of Marijuana.  Only people over the age of 21 are allowed to purchase pot.  And for folks out-of-state, they can only legally purchase up to a quarter ounce of pot.  Yep, this is a sign of things to come for this country.  Washington state will start allowing the legal sale of Marijuana later this year.  And several cities across America are allowing people to open up Marijuana shops to sell pot.

More states are legalizing the use of medical Marijuana.  And soon, I think a Marijuana case is going to reach the US Supreme Court.  And the justices will overturn the federal ban on pot.  Why, well because they recently allowed gay marriage to be legal in some states.  And I think resources could better be used against real criminals instead of the police going after people with small Marijuana amounts.  If people want to smoke pot, I think they should.  But I won’t be smoking pot anytime soon.  Since most employers will not be so kind to workers will fail a drug test because they used Marijuana.

New Paparazzi Law In California

I know everyone would not like having people following you around taking pictures and videos of you to be published on a tabloid website or magazine.  I feel for the celebrities because they want their privacy like me and you.  Thankfully, the state of California passed a smart law to control the paparazzi.  Backed by actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner, who testified in favor of it.  The new law will impose a fine up to $10,000 and/or up to a year in jail for people who take photos and video of a child without consent and in a harassing manner.

Photographers can also be sued for damages and attorney’s fees under the new law.  Of course many media organizations oppose this new law because they have readers who wants to see every move of their favorite celebrity.  But I celebrate this new law, because everyone deserves some privacy and respect.  The celebrities don’t appreciate seeing someone following them around 24/7.  So those tabloid websites and magazines are going to have to respect the privacy of celebrities.  Maybe they can write up something useful instead!

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