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Animation Monday: How To Train Your Dragon 2


On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday again, thanks to some computer problems, I am talking about the latest DreamWorks movie called How To Train Your Dragon 2, and it was brilliant!  If you are an animal lover like me, or enjoy a great family movie with great morals, action, emotion, and some comedy mixed in, then this is the movie for you!  When some critics say this movie is the movie of the Summer, I think they are right!  So, below are some of my thoughts on this movie, and yes SPOILER ALERT!

First off, the movie has all the same characters as the first movie, and I was afraid that with the main characters five years older, it would be a problem, I thought it worked.  And I guess the third movie will feature the main characters even older.  Yes, these are vikings, and since Hiccup showed everyone that dragons are harmless creatures, the world has opened up to them, and you will find Hiccup and Toothless going on new adventures and finding new worlds, this sounds like Star Trek!  But, Hiccup and Toothless find someone in their adventures that turns the tables, his own mother, and a bunch of new dragons.  But they also find new cultures, which are going to attack Berk.

Hiccup’s father wants Hiccup to become the chief of the group, but Hiccup is not sure he is ready for the huge responsibility, they grow up so fast!  Hiccup and Astrid meets a dragon trapper who blames them for the destruction of his home and fort, and soon after, they try to surrender themselves when they discover Hiccup’s mother named Valka.  Let me say this, the bond between the dragons and humans in the movie is way too cute!  It’s like the animal/human bond we have today, the writers and animators did a good job showing the animal/human bond in a good way, until we get to the battle scenes!

Soon, Drago kidnaps the dragon riders, and they learn of Berk and the dragons.  And yes, the movie is about to take a very dark turn.  Drago has a Bewilderbeast, and kills another dragon and takes control of all the dragons on the island.  And here comes the emotional part, Drago wants Hiccup killed, and when the Bewilderbeast delivers the death blast,  Stoick pushes Hiccup out of the way and he is killed.  The movie gets to its low point right there, that was a shocking scene.  Knowing that your father was just killed ties a huge knot in your gut, and this determines Hiccup to defeat Drago, but he is left to fend for himself as Drago rides Toothless to his army and to destroy Berk.  Hiccup makes the right decision and decides to live up to his father’s legacy and defend Berk, good move!

The crazy thing is, the Bewilderbeast has mind-controlled all the dragons including Toothless.  And after taking over the minds of all the dragons on Berk, the attack begins.  Hiccup is almost killed by Toothless, but that human/animal bond takes over and Toothless gets out of that mind control.  Then the two are frozen, but break free.  Toothless gets the other dragons out of the Bewilderbeast’s mind control, and all dragons fire upon the Bewilderbeast, and Drago is defeated.  The animators did a great job with the fire, ice, laser, and other animation in this part of the movie, great job!

At the end, Toothless is the alpha dragon on Berk, Hiccup is named chief of Berk and is their new leader, and I liked that statue of Stoick, and of course Astrid kissing Hiccup!  The film ends with Hiccup proudly declaring that, while others may have armies and armadas, Berk has their dragons.  And that ends the movie, in under two hours, you get a lot of action, humor, and some deep sadness.  But overall, I thought this was an excellent movie, and worth your time to see it!  Soon, the DVD will come out, and I recommend you get it!  Great job DreamWorks Animation, can’t wait for the third movie!

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