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Animation Monday: How To Train Your Dragon 2 First 5 Minutes, Plus Three Short Videos


Over the weekend, people who went to see Rio 2 in theaters got to see the first five minutes of the upcoming movie How To Train Your Dragon 2.  For the folks who did not go to the theaters over the weekend, Yahoo! has come to the rescue and has uploaded the first 5 minutes of the movie!  Here is the first 5 minutes to the movie!

In the first 5 minutes, you first get to see Berk and the funny way Hiccup describes the place.  Dragons are now a part of the culture of Berk, and the dragon riders you saw in the first movie are older, the characters in the movie have aged around five years since the first movie and the TV show on Cartoon Network.  The dragon riders are playing this Harry Potter type game of quidditch where instead of balls and brooms, its sheep and dragons.  I loved how the characters were all dressed up with fancy paint schemes like back in Viking times.

In another scene, you see Hiccup and Toothless out exploring the world around them.  Hiccup falls off Toothless and then opens up wings in a suit made by him!  Yep, Hiccup is flying along with his dragon partner, and for added measure, Toothless breaths some fire!  The visuals of the sky and clouds are spectacular!  Then Hiccup finds a new land and pulls out a map made by him.  Toothless plays with Hiccup and you see why Toothless and Hiccup are a great team!  How To Train Your Dragon 2 comes out on June 13th, it will probably be one of the top Summer movies!

Since I am talking about some animated videos, let’s feature a few more cool short animated films that I enjoyed over the weekend!  This first video from the Vimeo channel  features an office worker and a bunny.  The short film tells a humorous tale of an office worker as he struggles with a protective, seemingly innocent bunny on a quest for sweets.

The second video from the Vimeo channel  features an interesting animation that is beautiful and somewhat mind-blowing.

The last video from the Vimeo channel  features 1920’s Egypt.  And a  archaeologist discovers a big secret of the Egyptian Pyramids.  And it all happens with a remote!

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