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Roadscapes Wednesday: Video Bashing Of The Tar And Gravel On AL-281


If you have noticed, we are taking it slowly this week since it’s the week of the 4th of July.  So for this Roadscapes, I am featuring a video where I bash ALDOT once again.  Many cyclists do not like the gravel placed on AL-281 or the Talladega Scenic Drive.  Every year during the Cheaha Challenge, cyclists have a hard time navigating then gravel, and on some parts of the road, most of the gravel has come off!  You expect the tar and gravel treatment on some less traveled county road, but not on a state highway!  Here are some pictures from me.

So, I found this video where the person took the classic movie clip where Hitler yells at everyone, and he turns it into another bashing from this state’s DOT.  The video is a compliant about the tar and gravel treatment on AL-281.  For a state that has no social media presence or YouTube channel, by they way, every state’s DOT around Alabama has social media accounts and a YouTube channel, this video should serve a purpose for some major changes inside ALDOT, I have proposed changes, but nothing has happened.  So from the YouTube channel stan0614, enjoy the video!

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