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Roadscapes Wednesday: Tar and Gravel


I find this story disturbing from the Alexander City Outlook.  The city has plans to resurface 62 miles of roads in the city.  No big deal right?  But the resurfacing will be done with that cheap tar and gravel.  You know the roads you expect out in the county on low traffic count county roads.  So by this Fall many roads inside the city will have that ugly county road look.

Tar and gravel roads lowers desirability; which in turn might actually lower the property values of neighborhoods.  Of course the road noise is going to be terrible.  And the street is going to be unfit for walking and bike riding.  And there is no telling how many windshields will be cracked.  Here is a video of how a tar and gravel road is done.

The last time I went down to Alexander City several roads such as Scott Rd., Sunny Level Cut-Off, and Washington St. already had that tar and gravel look.  And it just makes the road and the surrounding community look ugly!  This is a case of the city losing numerous jobs from Russell Corporation and people talking about corruption in the city government.  Have you heard of this story of a city code officer threatening to arrest a citizen for putting up a safe sign at her business.  She spoke out during the city council meeting and things got ugly.

So here are pictures of some roads with that current ugly tar and gravel look.  If this is the future of Alexander City that town is doomed.  You people really need new leadership in the August elections.  These tar and gravel roads comes with thin paint lines, reflectors, and in some areas the tar is all that’s left.  I hope Alexander City can start climbing from this low.

Pictures from Washington St. a 4-lane road.

Who wants all of that tar washed up on their cars?

Scott Rd.

Sanders Rd.


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